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Loads of really exciting Jing TV episodes on the Jing Massage Vlog and articles and posts written by our very own Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari on the massage blog! We cover everything from Myofascial release to Price increase – so for great top tips and essential advice for all therapists, stay tuned!

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Jing TV!

The Jing Journey Begins

Welcome to JING TV! Follow the weekly adventures of Meg and Rachel on weekly Jing TV episodes exploring the fascinating world of bodywork, business and beyond. Catch free Jing TV episodes for great tips on advanced massage techniques, how to get more clients and achieve the life you desire plus interviews with the movers and […]

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Advanced massage article

Psychology or physiology – where to focus as a clinical massage therapist By Rachel Fairweather

The complex puzzle of chronic pain Being a massage therapist is not always an easy business. Massage therapists, more than any other manual therapy profession, are constantly faced with the issue of chronic pain- that is, pain that persists long beyond the usual healing time for an injury. We are often the last point of […]

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Cancer Massage

Massage and cancer: By Rachel Fairweather, Yvonne Cervetti and Sally Jeffery

Sadly, the topic of massage and cancer is one that provokes fear and misunderstanding into the hearts of even the most seasoned of massage therapists. Despite decades of important work in this area, many massage therapists still subscribe to the outdated myth that massage is contra-indicated or feel unqualified to treat a client with the […]

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advanced massage articles

Why Massage needs a Revolution in the UK- making the profession more professional on a world stage.

Revolution: “A dramatic change in ideas or practice” (Encarta World English Dictionary) The profession of massage therapy in the UK stands on the edge of a great precipice. Its future is balancing on the edge of a steep cliff, where we have the opportunity as therapists to use the power of the current strong winds […]

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