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Professional Beauty

Q&A with Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, founders of The Jing Institute: Professional Beauty UK Interview

The Holistic Conference: Professional Beauty UK Q&A with Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, founders of The Jing Institute When and why did you decide to set up The Jing Institute? A good question! The best things always start as the twinkle in somebody’s eye, the soft focus dream that eventually becomes reality -and Jing is […]

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The JING Method

The Jing Method- Combined Soft Tissue Techniques for Low Back Pain: By Rachel Fairweather

Ahhh my aching back! We all know someone with back pain; have probably experienced it ourselves at some point; and our clinics are filled with patients seeking relief from longstanding and chronic back conditions. Indeed the statistics on the personal and societal cost of low back pain are shocking. According to the British Occupational Health […]

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Ortho Assessment

The Orthopaedic assessment process for massage therapists: By Rachel Fairweather

It is firstly important to understand the difference between assessment and diagnosis with respect to your role and scope of practice as a massage therapist. What is an orthopaedic assessment? “An assessment is an educated evaluation of a client’s condition and physical basis for his/her symptoms in order to determine a course of treatment” (Clinical […]

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Advanced massage courses Brighton

Continuing Professional Development – with Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Welcome to our new section on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which promises to be informative, fun and definitely all singing and dancing with bells on! Rachel and Meg, directors of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training are delighted to be collaborating with Massage World to bring you the latest and best information about the […]

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Stress Rachel Fairweather

Stress, chronic pain, and advanced massage approaches: By Rachel Fairweather

Stress, chronic pain, and advanced massage approaches A quick Google search for the word ‘stress’ reveals 594,000,000 results – that’s an enormous amount of web space devoted to a term that didn’t even exist in its contemporary connotation before the 1920s! Even Beyonce only turns up 40,600,000 search results! Wherever we look, people are stressed […]

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