Jing Advanced Massage Mentoring Membership (JAMMM)


Online Support for massage therapists! The Jing Advanced Massage Mentoring Membership (JAMMM) -The professional society for all complementary therapists and an alternative to a professional association.

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If you’re looking for support as a massage therapist then we have got you covered. Be part of the international industry community, get the information you need to be the best therapist you can be and have a voice. Join Jing Advanced Massage Mentoring Membership – AKA The JAMMM!
Our online learning scheme offers ongoing professional guidance, continuing professional development content you can access any time, and live, regular mentoring with the vibrant Jing Directors, Meg and Rachel.
We love them as our leaders in the massage field, published authors and dedicated teachers so let them mentor you not only for your business expansion, but to coach you through challenging clients every month. Get your questions answered whatever they may be!

What you get:
With 4 live virtual classrooms per month our members have the opportunity to really feel part of a community:

  • Get answers to your questions about your clients or business
  • Learn from regular guest speakers from the bodywork industry
  • Engage with other passionate massage therapists
  • Be part of the conversation and receive guidance in any changes to industry advice
  • Catch up with recordings if you can’t make it live
  • FREE access to Jing mini CPD online courses
  • Exclusive Discounts on Jing Massage conferences
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    As soon as you subscribe you get access to a vast library of recorded classrooms and guest speakers that you can work through in your own time with a whole host of relevant subjects including:

  • Marketing for massage therapists
  • Teaching self care, meditation and mindfulness
  • Taping & Strapping
  • Working with acute & chronic pain
  • Myofascial work
  • Setting up an online self care arm to your business
  • Subscription price: £29.99 per month 3 month minimum subscription period

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    Exclusive to JAMMM: Guests Lecturers – Access these rceordings as soon as you sign up!

    • Essential Documentation – Client intake, consultation & treatment planning with Susan Salvo
    • Functional Exercise Prescription – How to exercise without ‘exercise’ with Eyal Lederman
    • Mindset, Marketing & Branding with Elizabeth Walker
    • Fascial Anatomy and the Body in Movement with Ana Barretxeguren – Wednesday 8th June
    • more speakers to be announced SOON!

    ALSO FREE with your JAMMM Membership: Select virtual classrooms

    • New Mini CPD series: Mental Health 101 for Massage Therapist. Learn more here:
    • Treating the Long Covid Client: Considerations, Modifications and Suggestions for Massage Therapists. Learn more here:

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