Jing Advanced Massage and Myofascial Pain Care Clinic

“One who works with the hands is a labourer. One who works with the hands and the head is a craftsman.
 One who works with the hands and the head and the heart is an artist.”

Welcome to The Jing Advanced Massage and Myofascial Pain Care Clinic; the unique therapy & treatment space that is located in the heart of Brighton and affiliated with the internationally renowned, Jing Institute.

We specialise in the treatment of persistent or chronic pain and anticipate positive results within 1-6 sessions.

Our skilled therapists and use advanced massage and soft tissue techniques (known as the Jing Method) to reduce pain and injury. Such techniques including deep tissue, trigger point, accupressure, sports massage, myofascial release, stretching, pregnancy and hot stone massage.

Our clinic is also the place to come to experience massage and bodywork at its highest level – you don’t have to be in pain to enjoy our work!

See results in the treatment of your pain condition

Advanced massage techniques are effective in the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as:

Back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, RSI (repetitive strain injury), headaches and migraine, TMJ, whiplash, sports injuries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain from pregnancy and stress related conditions.

All advanced therapists at the Jing Advanced Massage and Myofascial Pain Care Clinic have extensive experience in treating these pain conditions and will liaise appropriately with other professionals such as GPS, physiotherapists and osteopaths to give you the best possible care.

Techniques and treatments

At the Jing Clinic, our therapists are trained in many different advanced techniques and we will devise a treatment plan that is unique for you and your body. At the Jing Clinic, we focus on outcome oriented treatments – getting you the result you want in a way that is economical for your time and money. This means that your Jing therapist may use combination of many techniques to create the outcome you desire – reduction of pain and injury or deep relaxation.

Services offered include Jing Massage, Hot Stones Treatments & Pregnancy Massage. For students of the Jing Institute, we also offer a Mentoring Massage service, allowing you to experience a treatment specicially tailored to support your advanced studies and reflective practice.

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Jing Clinic Practictioners

Teresa Gillingham

Teresa is among the most experienced massage therapists in the UK, holding the highest qualification available: BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage & Sports Massage. Specialising in the treatment of chronic pain and injury rehabilitation she has over 16 year experience helping individuals with injury and achieving their goals of a pain free healthy life.

Teresa’s love for helping others change their lives shines through the minute you meet her at your consultation with an enthusiasm for life that will infuse you and support you through the recovery process. Teresa will take your through a thorough orthopaedic assessment of joints concerned and then design a treatment programme to suit your needs.

Her qualifications and experiences working with people are vast. Teresa qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2006 and then successfully completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Advanced Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2010. Due to her immense focus and unending excitement about bodywork in 2012, she completed a diploma in Sport & Remedial massage Therapy at LSSM. Wanting to study at a higher level, she began her journey with the renowned Jing Institute in 2013 where she studied for over 6 years, completing both her ACMT and BTEC 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage. She is now proud to have beeen part of the incredibly talented lead teaching team at Jing for over 5 years.

Among many qualifications in the are of fitness and wellness, Teresa holds the qualification for Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post Natal and has been a coach and trainer for individual athletes as well as teams. In conjunction with teaching and training, Teresa has 3 clinics in Essex and Brighton and continues to work on the gym floor, seeing people for personal training and running fitness classes such as spin, yoga and strength conditioning.

The core of Teresa’s work is addressing clients’ needs with specialist rehabilitation, providing great motivation to accomplish important outcomes. Her experience has centred on fitness goals, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions, scar reduction, complicated chronic pain conditions and restoring individuals’ quality of life

Teresa loves her work and has incredible positive energy, making all she does joyful!

Phoebe Grant

Phoebe is a deep tissue and holistic Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist who also offers pregnancy and postnatal treatments.

She will work hard to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed. This treatment is perfectly designed to help ease chronic pain conditions, to reduce stress levels, and to help you reconnect with your mind, body & soul. Using the Jing Method of treating pain Phoebe uses clinical massage to reduce pain and increase range of motion.

You will also receive self care advice specific to your needs, in order for your healing journey to continue when you return home.

Meghan Mari


Meghan S. Mari, BA, MA, LMT is the Co-Director and Principal of the Jing Institute. She has joyfully and successfully been a massage therapist for over 25 years. A sought after international lecturer, keynote speaker and authority on musculo-skeletal disorders, her work is focused on rehabilitation, women’s health, and immune conditions complexities.

Her treatments are often a gateway and solution for those needing support with chronic pain conditions where the traditional medical model has failed. Treatments are in depth, including orthopaedic assessment and the best of the Jing Method. She offers packages of 6 or 1 time mentoring treatments for Jing students/ any member of the Jing family.

Please book a treatment via this site and she will welcome you to the Jing Clinic and work with you to achieve what you need.

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Please note the clinic is NOT located at Bond Street, which is the training headquarters of Jing training


Rear office; 6 St Georges Place, Brighton BN1 4GA

Please click here for directions: Directions to Jing Advanced Massage and Myofascial Clinic

Please note the clinic is at the back of 6 St Georges Place with a separate entrance so please use these directions in addition to a sat nav or map.

By Train/ On foot

Approaching From the station

The clinic is 5-10 minutes walk from the main Brighton station. Walk down Trafalgar St until you reach Sydney St on the right. Walk along Sydney St and take your first left into Gloucester St (opposite The Office Pub). Go past St Georges Mews and take the next left near the bottom into the narrow unmarked alleyway (opposite a large grey building called the Metalworks). No 6 is on your right, just past the parking

Approaching from the A23 (London Road)

Walking from the main A23 out of Brighton turn into Gloucester St next to the North Laine Pub and Brewery and the traffic lights. Take your immediate first right into a narrow unmarked alleyway. DO NOT go into ST Georges Mews which is the next road.

Come through the entrance to where the area widens into parking.  No 6 is on your right, just past the parking.

Travelling by car
Travelling on the main A23 out of Brighton (this is a one way street), turn left into Gloucester St next to the North Laine Pub and Brewery and the traffic lights. Take your immediate first right into a narrow unmarked alleyway. DO NOT go into ST Georges Mews which is the next road.

Come through the entrance to where the area widens into parking.  No 6 is on your right, just past the parking.

There is one parking place in front of the clinic. Please ask your therapist for a parking permit to put in your car during the treatment time. Alternatively please park at one of the two public car parks in Whitecross Street – either the NCP car park or the Pelham College car park. You can also park at Brighton Station.

Please be aware of Bus Lane system in this area to avoid getting a ticket, see below!