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Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release

Become an expert myofascial practitioner

This exciting and unique course will look at the major techniques and approaches for working effectively with fascia including indirect myofascial release (MFR), direct structural integration approaches, cranial work and visceral manipulation. You will learn how to effectively incorporate this work into your existing techniques to enhance your results and reduce client pain quickly and easily.


  • Further application of effective MFR techniques including cross-hand stretches, dural tube release, transverse fascial plane releases, arm and leg pulls psoas releases and scar tissue work.
  • How you can effectively integrate these techniques into existing clinical remedial work to get quicker results.
  • Skills that will enhance your existing clinical work and allow you to work more effectively with common pain conditions, emotional trauma and systemic conditions that do not respond to traditional massage approaches.


Structural Integration is a unique way of working with the body, usually over a series of 10-12 sessions, to open and release patterns of strain that develop in the body’s myofascial web. Originally derived from Rolfing, the work has been developed and popularized by several leading international bodyworkers, adding new insights on how to realign and balance the structures of the body.

  • A dynamic form of bodywork that involves deep tissue work with active movement.
  • Body reading: recognizing and analyzing patterns of pain and strain on the body, including habitual compensation configurations.
  • The difference between direct and indirect myofascial work and how to combine both within your practice.
  • The importance of ‘listening touch’, palpatory sensitivity and body mechanics.
  • New insights into the anatomy of the myofascial system.
  • Bodywork techniques and “tools” you can take away and integrate immediately into your existing practice.

If you are new to this work, we suggest completing the Foundation in Advanced Clinical Techniques first as it contains a strong myofascial component and will give you the essential fascial techniques to incorporate this work into your practice immediately.

If you would like some help choosing what is best for you, just give us a call.

Course Date:

Hands on classroom days: Tuesday 18th June – Thursday 20th June and Monday 24th June- Thursday 27th June
Self Study days: Friday 21st June-Sunday 23rd June

Course Cost:

£1150 upfront or £1195 payment plan (3x £398.34)

Course Booking

Certificate in Advance Myofascial Release 18-27 June 2024 (Payment Plan)

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Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release 18-27 June 2024 (Pay Upfront)

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