Practical Course Equipment Checklist & Information

Hands On Practical Course Equipment Checklist!

These are all the things you’re going to need to bring when you come to us for a course. Make sure you have everything you need in the classroom and don’t forget anything vital.You will need to have this all for the first day as we’ll be jumping straight into practical work!
You don’t have to have these exact ones, they’re just examples/recommendations.

Course Times

• Arrival times will be staggered: If your last name begins A-L please arrive at 9.00am and if your last name begins M-Z please arrive at 9.15am
• Class will finish at 4.30/5pm


Each day you will need a clean set of linens, these are the linens that will be used on the table when YOU get massaged and they need to be white. A full set of linens includes:

Massage Lubricants

You will need to bring your own lubricant for when you are treating in the classroom – here at Jing we recommend the use of wax. If you are coming on a myofascial course you will not need wax but we recommend a waterbased lotion.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Lateral Flow Testing:
We would appreciate if you can take a test the day before you visit us, even if you are double vaccinated – to find out more about lateral flow tests and order them for free online, click HERE

Regardless of national and local guidelines PPE is still required at Jing, face masks at all point in the building and the below PPE for treatments.

  • IMPORTANT! You will nead to wear a face mask on arrival and during treatments. Face Masks (Type IIr) for each day – EXAMPLE HERE:
  • Optional: 1 x Face Visor EXAMPLE HERE: 

*** If you are exempt from wearing a mask/uncomfortable with wearing a mask for a full day, please contact the Jing office BEFORE arriving at the course ***

  • Optional: Box Non-latex disposable gloves (vinyl or nitrile) – Bring the whole box! We really recommend the example here – EXAMPLE HERE:
  • At least 70% alcohol sanitising gel or wipes – EXAMPLE HERE:

What to wear on a Jing course

  • Loose fitting comfortable clothes (jeans and skirts are not appropriate) as the days will be mainly practical work
  • All jewellery is to be removed during massage sessions
  • We work without shoes on; so if you get cold feet you might (not in any way compulsory) want to purchase some yoga socks as they have grippy soles. Click HERE for an example

Courses that need some extra equipment

Hot Stone Courses

All of the above PLUS:

Stone Kits: Obviously, you will need a great set of stones to carry out your work! 
For this course you are required to bring your own because this will benefit you in becoming a confident stone therapist; using your own stones during practice sessions will get you used to your own equipment (important because they all have their own personalities!).
 A Jing Kit can be purchased from Vulsini,
 and use the discount code: JING1119 for some money off!

Stone kits can be purchased from other companies or second-hand – we recommend you purchase at least 40 stones of varying sizes (sacrum stone; large stones; medium stones; small stones; face stones; trigger point stones & toe stones), with a high iron content.

Stone heaters: We recommend that rather than buying an expensive stone heater you purchase a “crockpot” or slow heater of size 5 litres or larger from a good electrical shop such as Amazon Argos, Currys, Comet or John Lewis. You will need to purchase one that is wide rather than deep. These usually retail at about £30. 
Bring this with you as the heaters vary massively and it’s best to get used to your own! Click here for EXAMPLES

The other option which is suited to mobile therapists is to buy a Vulsini heating bag.

Pregnancy Massage

All of the above PLUS: 

  • A REALLY big blanket/sheet – this is to cover a pregnant woman, and keep her safe and secure. 
  • In addition to the above linens you will need to bring: x 1 Pillow and pillow case (super important for bolstering the pregnant women)

Other useful Information


We have a list of reasonably priced accommodation in Brighton, these are places our students have recommended to us, there are of course many more options in our fabulous town so do ask Aunty Google and check out AirBnB. To locate this list please click HERE and then follow the instructions to download.


Brighton is not the easiest place to park in….we have a green council! Best to sort out parking before you get here to save money and stress!

JustPark is the AirBnB of parking spaces! Click here!
Early bird discount NCP. Click here!
Early bird discount RCP. Click here!