Meghan Mari


Meghan S. Mari, BA, MA, LMT is a co-Director and course leader at Jing. Internationally recognized, Meghan has an enviable reputation and is a highly sought-after lecturer, keynote speaker and authority on musculo-skeletal disorders, rehabilitation, women’s health, immune conditions and career coaching. Meghan’s teaching is transcendental. She has had the honor of teaching massage, movement […]

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Rachel Fairweather

BA (hons); Postgraduate diploma social studies; CQSW; LMT; AOS Associate degree Massage Therapy

Rachel is the internationally respected Co-Director and Founder of Jing Advanced Massage Training, a company providing degree level, hands-on and online training for all who are passionate about massage. Rachel has 25 years experience in the industry working as an advanced therapist and trainer, in New York, Europe and throughout the UK. Rachel is co-author […]

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Susan Harrison Bio Pic

Susan Harrison BTEC6, ACMT

With a passion for massage Susan completed her BTEC6 in May 2012 and has since gone on to study a variety of other courses to both broaden her knowledge and help benefit her clients.  Not content with that she would love to inspire other students to develop and pursue their interest in massage and being […]

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Abi Winstanley Bio Pic

Abigail Winstanley ACMT, BTEC6

Hometown: Garden of England Star Sign: Leo Favourite Jing Saying: Less is more! Playlist Favourites: Being thankful for the music, whilst chasing cars! Abi is energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and reliable. In her previous lives, Abi has been a jockey, was in the Military Police and a Personal Assistant! After such a varied career path, Abi […]

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Minia Alonso Bio Pic

Minia Alonso BSc (hons), ACMT, BTEC, ITEC

Minia brings her warmth for people with an unceasing passion for massage and teaching to every class. She believes ‘love’ is spelt with a big ‘L’ and there is plenty for everyone. Her approach to developing people is a blend of empathy and enthusiasm and it is said her smile is a real crowd pleaser. […]

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Teresa Gillingham Bio Pic

Teresa Gillingham ACMT, BTEC6

Teresa has been in the business of supporting people to fulfill their life goals and follow their dreams for over a decade. The one of the most exciting parts of that has been her work at Jing. Teresa’s love for helping others change their lives shines through every time she teaches. 1st time students and […]

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Jemma Fordham Bio Pic

Jemma Fordham ACMT, BA (hons), BTEC6

Jemma is a self-confessed geek, the Simon Pegg version of the word…. “being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.” She believes that massage is a true meeting of […]

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