Meghan Mari

Location: Brighton
Phone: 01273 628942

Meghan S. Mari, BA, MA, LMT is a co-Director and course leader at Jing.

Internationally recognized, Meghan has an enviable reputation and is a highly sought-after lecturer, keynote speaker and authority on musculo-skeletal disorders, rehabilitation, women’s health, immune conditions and career coaching.

Meghan’s teaching is transcendental. She has had the honor of teaching massage, movement and complementary medicine for over 25 years. Always conveying serious concepts with explosive energy. Simply put, after being in her classroom you will never be the same. Inspiration doesn’t even touch it: you will learn, laugh, grow and for sure, dance (maybe even in gold lamé) your way to greater knowledge and have an experience to change your life.

A ferocious lover of education, Meghan’s degrees include a BA in Psychology and International Relations, as well as Photographic Journalism. She also holds a master’s degree in Internal Human Rights Law. However, Meghan is very clear that her professional qualifications as a Holistic Health Educator and Massage Therapist, Doula and Yoga Teacher have really driven her career for over 30 years.

Meghan is honored to have worked for over 20 years in collaboration with the celebrated Rachel Fairweather. Together they have revolutionized the massage and complementary health industry. After traveling the world as students of massage, and life, they established the Jing Institute in 2003 to offer a high level of Eastern and Western medical massage therapy training to any and all who were curious. Two decades on, their pioneering educational institution remains an independent college offering 80 different professional courses and supports a research consortium focusing on massage therapy’s effects on chronic pain.

Breaking boundaries, Jing offers the only accessible university level education for massage and manual therapists in the UK: a BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage. It is one of the things that Meghan and Rachel are the most proud of in their lives. They are also the co-authors of the acclaimed “Massage Fusion: The Jing Method for the treatment of chronic pain”, published worldwide and an essential handbook for all bodyworkers, offering a comprehensive as a guide to treating pain, informed by the biopsychosocial model of healthcare.

Meg continues to prioritise being ‘hands-on’ at Jing and teaches over 150 days a year, with particular focus on teaching the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy programme. In addition, she offers her knowledge as part of the research supervision team. It must be said, she also loves the luxuries of life and enjoys teaching Hot Stone Fusion and holistic deep tissue: the Bodywork Beginners course, continuing to nurture new generations of therapists and entrepreneurs.

Setting national education standards and consulting on curriculum is another significant contribution Meghan makes to the profession. She was on the Board of Directors of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) for over 7 years and continues to campaign for greater professional recognition of clinical massage and advanced therapists.

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