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Teresa Gillingham ACMT, BTEC6

Teresa has been in the business of supporting people to fulfill their life goals and follow their dreams for over a decade. The one of the most exciting parts of that has been her work at Jing.
Teresa’s love for helping others change their lives shines through every time she teaches. 1st time students and advanced therapists still wanting to learn more after years in the profession have lots to say about her:

Some of her student feedback:
“Love her energy! Funny, friendly and so knowledgeable with clear and concise teaching”
“Always creates a fantastic learning atmosphere”
“So much passion, Teresa is full of life and makes you feel happy to learn and be yourself”
Continually inspired by the incredible place of learning and positive change that Jing is known to be, with open arms she welcomes every one that walks through the door and is honoured by the opportunity to teach. Teresa was proud to join the Jing teaching team in 2015, after 4 years training with Jing, including completing the 2 year TOTO teaching programme.

Always a student of life, she gained her BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy here at Jing. One of the driving forces was her dedication and passion for teaching, knowing all she learned she could share with her students.

Her qualifications and experiences working with people are vast. Eight years serving as a Police Officer. She then left the Police force in 2005 to pursue a career in Health and Fitness. Teresa qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2006 and then successfully completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) programme in Advanced Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2010. Due to her immense focus and unending excitement about bodywork in 2012, she completed a diploma in Sport & Remedial massage Therapy at LSSM.

Among many qualifications in the area of fitness and wellness, Teresa also holds the qualification for Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post Natal. She has been a coach and trainer for individual athletes as well as teams.

In conjunction with teaching, she continues to work on the gym floor, run fitness classes and has 3 clinics in Essex, Worthing and Brighton. She sees clients for personal training and massage therapy.

The core of Teresa’s work is addressing clients’ needs with specialist rehabilitation, providing great motivation to accomplish important outcomes. Her experience has centered on fitness goals, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions, scar reduction, complicated chronic pain conditions and restoring individuals’ quality of life

Teresa loves her work and has incredible positive energy, making all she does fun. On more than one occasion, she has been referred to as a Duracell bunny due to her endless energy.
Top motto: Believe you can and you will!!!!

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