Abi Winstanley Bio Pic

Abigail Winstanley ACMT, BTEC6

Hometown: Garden of England
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Jing Saying: Less is more!
Playlist Favourites: Being thankful for the music, whilst chasing cars!

Abi is energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and reliable. In her previous lives, Abi has been a jockey, was in the Military Police and a Personal Assistant! After such a varied career path, Abi has finally found her passion and firmly believes that if you love what you do, you will never work another day!

Abi brings her love for bodywork to multiple areas, including her private clinic, where she treats clients with acute injuries and long-term chronic pain conditions.

Abi is also the ‘Physio’ for a semi professional football team, Folkestone Invicta FC, she travels to home and away games treating players before, during and after games and helping injured players back to match fitness.

Abi also feels incredibly privileged to be a teacher at Jing and have the opportunity to share her passion with so many like-minded people. Her favourite thing to pass onto her students is her love of Fascial work and listening touch!

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