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BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage

Jing Massage is proud to offer this milestone achievement in the professional field of massage therapy. For the first time ever, UK therapists can achieve a degree level qualification in Clinical and Sports Massage. This 4 year part time BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma will allow you to become an unparalleled expert in the arena of injury and pain management.

If you are not yet qualified in massage please click here for our Bodywork Beginnings pre-requisite course.
Year 2 (ACMT – advanced clinical massage therapist certificate).
Check out the Course Structure tab below to see the current time table for year 3-4

To find out more information or to book onto the BTEC level 6 course, please read on. Or if you prefer to talk through your options, please call the Jing head office to speak with our Director of student development Nina Frizoni on 01273 628 942.


The Jing BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage, is one of a kind. For over 15 years, Jing has been offering cutting edge modular CPD education for thousands of UK therapists. In that time, so many have asked for a way to achieve a superior qualification and have an educational platform to learn advanced techniques, develop confidence and achieve mastery in an specialist area of their choice. Now you can!Through years of development, JING has created a course that fill the wide gap in education in the UK. Due to the quality of course material and excellence in teaching, the school has been recognised as one of the foremost leaders in the field and has been granted BTEC level 6 accreditation by Edexcel and Pearson (on the SRF, not regulated by Ofqual) for the course they have designed. Now, if you choose, you can gain a serious qualification that will put you on a level that has not been available previously in the UK. Working from the US and Canadian model, JING offers a comprehensive degree level course. This education will build on your existing knowledge and add sophisticated assessment and soft tissue expertise. Skills taught include a range of fascial techniques, sports techniques such as soft tissue release and event massage, plus a deeper look into anatomy, physiology and pathologies. You will gain vital orthopaedic assessment skills to determine cause of injury and appropriate treatment. Your ability to gain results will be elevated by participation in specialised clinic days involving supervision and feedback from experts in the arena of injury and pain management. We will support your business development, by helping you employ the latest marketing methods. The diploma also encompasses the exciting opportunity to carry out original research or a creative project in a specific area of bodywork that interests you. This involves you choosing an area that you would like to research and master. You will be supported every step of the way to bring out the very best of your unique potential and explore your own passion for bodywork. You will produce a dissertation level piece of work that you can be proud of and use as a spring board in your career.And the best news… at this level there is no exams- just on going assessment.If you are at all interested it is best to call one of our student advisor’s to talk it through. We can help you make a decision that will change your life and open a world of opportunity that hasn’t be possible before.

Course Structure

Jing’s Professional Diploma is extremely comprehensive and allows learners to have a full life while studying. Courses take place in 2-4 day blocks every month or two in our Centre in Brighton. Click here to view the timetable options for year 2. Click here to view the current timetable for year 3/4 same as in introduction. If you are not sure you want to take the plunge and do the entire qualification, you are welcome to jump on any of the modules as stand alone courses.

Year 1: Bodywork Beginnings or level 3 or above massage qualification

Year 2: Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) Certificate

Year 3/4 Modules

The 2020 intake for years 3/4 has been pushed back due to Covid-19, now starting 2021. Stay tuned for dates coming soon!!

    BTEC Module 1: Hugs, visions, pathologies and practicals Wednesday 14th – TBC
    BTEC Module 2: Business and bones! Dipping your toe into business planning and orthopaedic assessment – TBC
    BTEC Module 3: Special orthopaedic tests and super sized clinic integration Wednesday 6th – TBC
    BTEC Module 4: Myofascial Mastery! Tuesday 2nd – Wednesday 10th February 2021 OR 3 part modular course
    BTEC Module 5: Sports and Event and Marathon Madness! – TBC
    BTEC Module 6: Physio based Rehab and clinic – TBC
    BTEC Module 7: Advanced Anatomy Tuesday 22nd – TBC
    BTEC Module 8: Exercise rehab Tuesday 7th – TBC
    BTEC Module 9: The big bang! 2 interactive clinic days that put everything you have learned into practice – TBC
    BTEC Module 10: Research skills x2 days TBA
    BTEC Module 11: Research skills x2 days TBA
    BTEC Module 12: Research skills x2 days TBA
    BTEC Module 13: Conference and party! – TBC

In addition to your taught modules, you will be supported with through your written course work, in class assessments and dissertation research project.

Optional extra modules, include: additional Fascial modules, dissection days, physiotherapy techniques for the massage therapist, and taping & strapping courses


Pre-requisite for Year 3: successful completion of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) Certificate. If you are new to massage, call us on 01273 628 942 or email us at to find out about our new upcoming fast track to the BTEC level 6.


This certification builds on the popular flexible Jing short course format. You can work towards the certificate in the following ways:


If you’re a new Jing student, we recommend this as it is the most beneficial way to learn. Also, commitment to this structure enables you to gain a substantial discount on your fees.

Year two to gain a Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage
£2400 + VAT = £2880 + £180 Edexcel fee = £3060 upfront; OR
£3420 (inc VAT & Edexcel fee) total if you would like to spread the cost over a payment plan (the course must be paid in full by the exam)

Year three/four
£5244 upfront; OR
£5604 if you would like to spread the cost over a payment plan (the course must be paid in full by module 13)


If you are an existing Jing student and have taken some of the modules already, you can apply them towards the certificate and or the Prof diploma. Call us to discuss your options.


If you prefer to take the Diploma at your own pace, you can take the modules in a way that suits your time and budget. All modules are open to qualified therapists as stand alone CPD courses. Completion of all the modules, producing a research project and sitting the year one exam will enable you to gain this qualification.


If you are interested in this course, and are looking for different ways to fund it, please do give us a call on 01273 628 942.

We are able to offer payment plans for the full 4 year course that should equate to 4 massages a month.

To book onto the 2021-2022 BTEC level 6 track, please call the office on 01273 628 942



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