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Full Circle NHS – Interview with our Jing students Sue and Lindsey

Supporting sick children and adults ‘Supporting quality of life when it really matters. At times of uncertainty and pain, we help to keep people feeling human again’ “We are so thrilled to be welcoming 2 of your excellent Jing practitioners onto our growing Sussex-based team, in this exciting partnership between Full Circle Fund Therapies and […]

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family & friends

Learn Massage for Family and Friends

Give fantastic massages to your loved ones with Jing’s new online course for total beginners to massage. It’s short, sweet, and teaches you kick-ass massage techniques! Unlock the art of massage, you’ll be popular for sure! It’s a quick, accessible, and effective way to master massage techniques and share the gift of relaxation with the […]

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FIG 5 Scanning palpation

Successfully treating chronic pain through trigger point therapy. Trigger points: the massage therapist’s best friend by Rachel Fairweather. Published in Massage World issue 105, 2019

Learning effective trigger point work can be a seemingly magical component to add to your toolbox of manual therapy skills. Ask any therapist who has been doing precise trigger point work for a length of time and you are likely to hear a plethora of stories of wonderful results that range from the clinically satisfying […]

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Pregnancy Massage with Jing Massage & Dermalogica

Pregnancy Massage: Dermalogica Webinar Recording

In this dynamic webinar, the Jing director duo – Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari partnered with the amazing Dermalogica, to give you amazing top tips for Pre & Postnatal Pregnancy Massage! Feeling confident treating pregnant women is a rewarding way to expand your practice and provide significant pain relief at this important time. This course […]

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FIG 2 Fibromyalgia image

Understanding and treating fibromyalgia through advanced massage techniques by Rachel Fairweather published in the FHT’s International Therapist Magazine

“It is as if all of my joints were locked and I am caught inside, as though imprisoned in a kind of body or an envelope that has padlocks inside, like doors that I cannot open.” Fibromyalgia patient interview (Valenzuela-Moguillansky, 2012) Frustrating or fascinating – the complex world of Fibromyalgia Syndrome Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) can […]

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Jing Lunch box webinar

Webinar: Rotator Cuff, RSI and Rotten Neck’s!

In this bitesized lunchbox webinar Rachel Fairweather, Jing Director, will lead you through pathologies, musculo-skeletal anatomy, and treatment protocols for the Neck, Shoulder and Arm. A tasty treat while you eat your sandwiches! Together we will explore complex pathologies such as adhesive capsulitis, whiplash, and many more! Check out the great advanced clinical massage courses […]

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