Certificate in Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy


A wonderful poem written by the graduates of the Advanced Certificate in Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy 2012…

We can’t believe how far we’ve come
Having journeyed around the skeleton
From DIP’s and PIP’s to MCP’s
Tubercles, Pubicles and knobbly knees

Suzie Ingram taught us well and soon had us enthralled
Equipped with Learning tools to suit one and all
she soon created Anatomy Nerds of all of us
With her enthusiasm, encouragement and infectious laugh
We could not fail to find our humerous

Frank Netter, Biel and Life Changing Cake
Our journey was one of fun to make
Aclands cadavars were never boring
Although, we must admit, his voice almost had us snoring

Sarah Symonds helped us too
The day she came there was a right to do
The task, to make a scene, a sketch or show
Our anatomy knowledge would be tested
The result, a rollercoaster ride that Skellyman detested

Friends for life we have made
Weathers all, we have braved
Drinks in the pub, we’ve had a few
The culinary delights of Brighton, we’ve tasted, it’s true
But Nadia and Liz do wholeheartedly agree
The best lunch of all, is pizza from Infinity

We studied hard for almost a year
Quizs, Sketches, Palpation and Plasticine made it quite clear
Add to that, Skype, colouring and DVD’s
Even a tutorial with Da Vinci, courtesy of Her Majesty

Although bony landmarks drove us mad
We now can marvel at our literacy,
Verbal, Visual and Palpatory
Enabling us to converse anatomically
We now have our map to navigate competently

What a journey we have had
A little daunting one might think
Omohyoid – what or where is that?
But then the lightbulb moment hit.
The fun we had and the laughter too
A wonderful time we all did have
Thank you Jing, one and all

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