Andrea Lucas

Andrea Lucas

Location: Harrow on the Hill
Phone: 07919 155982

Massage your body – Massage your mind.

I use intuitive touch and advanced clinical massage techniques, personally tailored to soothe tightness and tension in the muscles and relax and re-energise your body and mind.

I pay attention to every detail and wish, whilst you escape to a space to breathe in the deep sensation of wellness.

You can expect me to be empathic, in a confidential space where you will feel care and nurture. From the first touch you will realise that this is not just another lifeless robotic treatment.

I use swedish holistic massage to improve flexibility and lighten the tension in muscles. I use trigger point techniques to work on constrictions and knots in muscle tissue, and I work with stretching techniques that assist muscles to extend to their full length and to increase range of motion in joints.

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