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Stress Rachel Fairweather

Stress, chronic pain, and advanced massage approaches: By Rachel Fairweather

Stress, chronic pain, and advanced massage approaches A quick Google search for the word ‘stress’ reveals 594,000,000 results – that’s an enormous amount of web space devoted to a term that didn’t even exist in its contemporary connotation before the 1920s! Even Beyonce only turns up 40,600,000 search results! Wherever we look, people are stressed […]

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Rockin’ all over the world! Hot Stone Fusion for the Treatment of Pain: By Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari

Hands up if you thought hot stone massage was just a bit of luxury with no therapeutic effects; a bit of relaxation but not the domain of serious massage therapists aiming to alleviate and prevent musculo- skeletal pain. If so, cast your eye over the following comments from therapists and clients who have experienced the […]

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Massage World: College profile on the JING Institute

Working Team who run the college: Meghan Mari, BA (Hons), M.A, L.M.T and Rachel Fairweather BA (Hons), AOS, L.M.T A great community of professional therapists and expert teachers who wanted to make a difference. Background: The Jing Institute is a revolutionary postgraduate training organisation providing master CPD courses and ground-breaking qualifications. The winner of this […]

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“The Seven Secrets of highly successful Bodyworkers”

“The Seven Secrets of highly successful Bodyworkers” New article by Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather (with acknowledgements to Steven Covey for his inspirational book: The Seven habits of Highly successful people) What makes a really GREAT bodyworker? During my fifteen year love affair with bodywork I have practised, taught, studied and received massage in many […]

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Fascia Article

Having Fun with Fascial Fusion: Choice Health and wellbeing article

Having fun with Fascial Fusion creative fascial techniques that get results As Myofascial Release and working with fascia becomes ever more popular in the UK, the inevitable question arises “Which are the best and most effective fascial techniques to learn?” The question reminds me of the old adage: Patient: “Doctor, doctor what are the best […]

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