Massage World: College profile on the JING Institute

Working Team who run the college: Meghan Mari, BA (Hons), M.A, L.M.T and Rachel Fairweather BA (Hons), AOS, L.M.T

A great community of professional therapists and expert teachers who wanted to make a difference.


The Jing Institute is a revolutionary postgraduate training organisation providing master CPD courses and ground-breaking qualifications. The winner of this year’s CAM Expo Outstanding Achievement award, JING offers a new qualification to UK therapists, the BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage accredited by Edexcel. By giving therapists the opportunity to train to degree level, JING has achieved great strides for the massage world. Founders, Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari have been therapists for over 20 years and began training master therapists in New York City in 1999. In 2003, they brought their pioneering courses to Brighton, centered on treating specific pain conditions such as frozen shoulder and sciatica. The feedback was phenomenal and JING trained therapist’s expanded their practices to an entire new height using proven JING protocols to get clients out of pain. JING became known as the place to train if you want to have a full-time practice and really make a difference in client’s lives. JING, now offers over 50 Master CPD courses, 3 Advanced Certificates, and the BTEC level 6. Therapists can train around the country with an expert team for just 2 days, or up to 3 years.

Current Mission Statement:

To see the profession and you, the professionals, gain the expertise and recognition that you deserve.


JING is going global! Meghan and Rachel and are sought after international guest lecturers in massage and anatomy at several UK and US massage and yoga schools, including the International Dermal Institute, Chichester College, McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the FHT. They have been nominated for the Tutor of the year Award at the FHT 50 year conference this July and will be offering 8 workshops. They will continue to write articles for several professional magazines, including Choice health and Well-being and now Massage World. JING annually offer a large workshop programme at CAM expo and are expanding to least four of the major trade shows. The biggest news is, as part of the BTEC level 6, The JING Institute is working with the University of York to develop a centre of clinical massage research unparallelled in the UK.

Why Should Massage World readers come to the JING Institute:

Join the revolution! You want to be the best and JING wants you to be the best! JING has created a revolution by offering the most comprehensive post graduate training in the UK open to therapists from all backgrounds. Courses include the Advanced Clinical Massage series to treat pain such as RSI, Whiplash, and knee pain, Trigger point Therapy, Advanced Certificate in Myofascial Release, Advanced certificate in Musculoskeletal anatomy, Pregnancy Massage, Eastern and Sports Techniques. As the creators of the BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports massage, accredited by Edexcel, JING is the only institution approved to offer this level of massage education in the UK. The work we teach is serious but we do it with a lot of laughter. We use innovative teaching methods that ensure that you leave courses with the material in your hands, head and hearts. All work is taught practically so that you can use it right away in your clinic.

All courses are recognized by the FHT, CtHA and all major professional bodies for CPD points. Contact details:

JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training
28/29 Bond Street
Tel: 01273 628 942
Course Venues: Brighton, London,
Edinburgh, Kendal, Cornwall,

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