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4:09am by Louise Evans BTEC level 6 graduate

A tribute to the JING graduates of the BTEC level 6 Professional diploma in advanced clinical and sports massage:

Its 4:09 at the station, On a breezy, April morn,
The feelings of adventure and excitement fill me,
A new career will be born.

Wide eyed and hopeful, I travel across our land,
5 ½ hours later I arrive with golden book in hand.

The atmosphere is electric at the Bond Street, Jing HQ,
I greet my fellow students,
We are quite a motley crew.

Laughing, we move into a lecture on the layout of the year,
Not sure about the others now, I think I need a Beer!

Dissertations, assignments, studies and deadlines to make,
I Fear I can’t do this, I’ve made a terrible mistake.
But I take a breath, calm myself somehow
What I learned that day in Brighton? is just to focus on now!

Its 4:09 at the Station, on a calm May day,
Feeling good about the deadlines, So far it’s gone OK.

Tonight’s the dissertation disco, we’ll have a bit of fun,
I’m thinking a night of dancing, NO work will be done.
The line-up’s been decided and it went something like this,
Curry, rose, work, twister, xanadu!
What I learned that day in Brighton? is that curry and twister don’t mix.

The night draws to a close, as I wait patiently in line,
To submit this piece of work, be warned this is NOT in rhyme.

“If Jing was a lager it would probably be the best lager in the world.
If Jing was a hair product, you’d go because you’re worth it.
And, If the BTEC was a toilet tissue it would be Andrex.
NOT because you have to be strong and
NOT because its very long but because when you see how much work is involved… you’ll crap yourself”

This work I had submitted, unfortunately NOT a pass,
Apparently, I should not have made a childish joke about my…..!!!!

Its 4:09 at the station, tears fall upon my face,
Illness, stress and sadness, fill me at this place.
The journey goes unnoticed; my head so full of sorrow,
How will I get through this day, can’t even think about tomorrow

My body arrives in Brighton, My heart I left at home,
But then I’m greeted by a 1 legged, roller blading Meghan with a
Rachel in her rock star gear playing the kitchen broom,
Shouts of ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ fill that crazy room.

Yvonne and Sue in tablecloths, the sight just beggars belief,
What I learned that day in Brighton?….
Is that Laughter’s an antidote for grief.

Its 4:09 in the morning the last time I await my train,
The BTEC has come to its finality, only formalities remain.
But With the lift of our chins, and a bit of a grin,
Without any doubting or quiddit,
We started to sing, and we tackled that thing, that couldn’t be done
And we did it!

Its 4:09 in the morning as I lay in my warm, cozy bed,
Thoughts of this journey drift through my sleepy head.
The ins and outs and ups and downs
Life’s path winds aimlessly..Or so it seems,
but somehow leads us where we need to be.

By Louise Evans, Stretchii UK

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