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Anatomy Books on Jing TV!

Anatomy books

In this weeks episode of Jing TV! Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari talk anatomy books. They look at their old favourites, and essentials for every therapists book shelf! They discuss ‘The trail guide’ by Andrew Biel, ‘The web that has no weaver’ by Ted Kaptchuk , ‘Anatomy of the Human body’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ by […]

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To treat or not to treat that is the question – massage contraindications explored

To treat or not to treat that is the question – massage contraindications explored by Rachel Fairweather

The subject of contraindications is a tricky one for most massage therapists. When should we treat? When should we leave well alone? Is it possible to actually seriously harm someone through massage? Likewise for consumers it is important to know that your massage therapist is trustworthy, educated and knowledgeable about your condition and is certainly […]

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Hot Stone Massage article

Rockin’ all over the world! Hot Stone Fusion for the Treatment of Pain by Rachel Fairweather

Hands up if you thought hot stone massage was just a bit of luxury with no therapeutic effects – great for relaxation but not the domain of serious massage therapists aiming to alleviate and prevent musculo- skeletal pain. If so, cast your eye over the following comments from therapists and clients who have experienced the […]

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