Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage by Meghan Mari

For just about, the last 20 years I have had the honour of being a massage therapist and teacher. In that time, I have worked with thousands of individuals with all types of concerns; each one a lesson in itself into the mind body connection. It is always an unexpected journey that is extraordinary.

In that time, I have also stayed true to my trade and received many treatments (sadly not quite as many as I have given, but enough.) Each one – “good” or “bad” taught me something about my body or my field. And about 6 months ago, that learning took a very different turn- I happily got pregnant.

Having taught pregnancy massage for years, I am well aware of the benefits and believed in nothing less than the necessity of massage during pregnancy as part of antenatal care and postnatal care, but there is nothing like being on the receiving end. If I was a believer, before, I am a zealot now!

The list of things that can happen to your body is exhausting to read, let alone experience. I have received a massage every 2-3 weeks during my entire pregnancy including the 1st trimester, and it has made all the difference. I am 40, in my first pregnancy and according to all the texts should be ‘high risk’ category. Instead, I feel high on life and comparably very healthy- this is no doubt a result of my consistent informed massage treatments.

As I go to antenatal activities, I am astonished at the vast amount of women, I meet that are in unnecessary pain and discomfort. When I tell them what I do, they reveal how desperate they are for a good/ real massage.

So why am I writing this to you?

So you get out there and make a difference! Massage therapists should be at the forefront of antenatal care. If you haven’t already, get trained, get confident and get out there! There are thousands of woman, literally who need you.

Basic training is not enough. Knowing creative ways to massage and treat pregnant woman can change more than one life: your client’s, her partner’s, her support network, the unborn child and definitely yours.

If you know how to specifically work with all the common symptomology, your professional satisfaction will grow and so will your practice. It is an amazing thing to share such a gift with so many.

As co-founder of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training, providing the highest level of massage training possible has been my life work. I have never felt more determined to support therapists in your life work.

Pregnant woman don’t only need a relaxation massage, they want to be truly treated for their headaches, back aches, sciatica, swollen ankles, and pubis symphysis dysfunction. They want therapists who know what it means if they have gestational diabetes or pre- eclampsia. They want therapists who are not afraid and know where their boundaries are; who can offer informed direction to empower women through their pregnancy and know the options for a healthier pregnancy, birth and the unbelievable changes that will undoubtedly happen after.

Jing is offering an in-depth Pregnancy massage training that will cover all that and much more

If it is at all interesting to you get in touch!! We promise it will change how you work in so many ways, not only with pregnant woman, but anyone who comes to you wants informed intelligent treatments that make a difference. It’s exciting to learn and know that the possibilities are endless.

Meghan S. Mari, BA, MA, LMT

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