Courses to Build Your Career

These courses are all about you. At Jing we are 100% dedicated to helping you have the professional career that you desire- that means taking care of you and your business first. So, we have developed some courses to give you the diversity of income stream and incorporate techniques that protect you and are fun to do. You might also want to check out Hot StoneFusion, Pregnancy Massage and Advanced Sports Stretching.

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Mindfulness, meditation and healing for chronic pain

Mindfulness and meditation techniques can be an invaluable self -help tool for clients experiencing chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches or IBS. This informative and experiential day will give you all the tools you need to use these simple yet powerful skills both during treatment and as client self care. The day will […]

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ACMT Development Master class: 1 Year in 120 minutes 9am-2pm

In this dynamic hands-on masterclass led by Jing Directors Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, we will explore the integration of the Jing Method approach into your clinic. Using the cutting edge techniques that are covered on the Advanced Clinical Massage Certificate you will discover: • Our handpicked BEST trigger point techniques for a range of […]

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Craniosacral Course Brighton

Introduction to Cranio-Sacral Techniques

This course is designed to give you enough cranio-sacral techniques to use as a beautiful stand alone treatment or integrated as a part of you clinical/remedial massage practice.  The objective of this course is to give you a greater understanding of the physical anatomy of the cranio-sacral system and learn how to palpate the rhythm, […]

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Lumbar Spine Masterclass

In this exciting one day course, Suzy Daw, Integrative Physiotherapist and Movement teacher, explores a range of Physiotherapy techniques specifically adapted for the needs of the massage therapist. You will gain solid theoretical and hands on techniques that work in clinical practice for the treatment and rehabilitation of pain conditions. You will learn techniques including: […]

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Oncology Massage and Palliative Care

This great course gives students an amazing opportunity to gain practical and theoretical skills in working in supportive and palliative care for those with cancer and other life limiting conditions such as COPD, MND, heart disease, renal failure and complex neurological problems. Take with this complementary course and get a 10% discount (both courses for […]

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Cupping Massage with Dr Saskia Coté

Cupping Massage

Back by popular demand, US based Dr. Saskia Cote will be joining us this October to teach Cupping Massage. Cupping is a technique traditionally used in Eastern modalities, to produce more effective circulation in areas of the body where there is pain and stiffness. The practitioner creates a vacuum in a cup and then places […]

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