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Mindfulness, meditation and healing for chronic pain

Mindfulness and meditation techniques can be an invaluable self -help tool for clients experiencing chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches or IBS.

This informative and experiential day will give you all the tools you need to use these simple yet powerful skills both during treatment and as client self care.

The day will be led by Rachel Fairweather, Jing director, and Suzy Daw, physiotherapist and movement practitioner, both renowned for their dynamic and knowledgeable teaching styles. In addition to their extensive manual therapy experience, Rachel and Suzy are experienced meditators with a wealth of clinical hands on knowledge of using these techniques in their own practices.

The workshop will also feature a talk about chronic pain from John Simmons. John is an NHS GP who is lead doctor at Herstmonceaux Integrative Health Centre. He is passionate about health and well being and supporting patients with lifestyle medicine. He teaches HeartMath breathing and emotional resilience techniques within the NHS. John will be sharing his knowledge on current research around pain, inflammation and stress and techniques to reduce them..

Course Dates

Unfortunately the dates for this class have come and gone, but we are working on next year's schedule - so email us and tell us you are interested, so you can be the first to know of the new dates. Can't wait to hear from you.

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