Shoulder Girdle Pain

You can significantly increase clients’ range of motion and decrease recovery time for this complex injury site. Great course for treating athletes. Also available as on online course.


  • A powerful protocol incorporating trigger point therapy, STR, stretching, ROM and other advanced techniques to identify and relieve the source of rotator cuff pain in 1-6 treatments.
  • To find, palpate and treat the relevant musculo-skeletal anatomy including: the SITS rotator cuff muscles, pectoralis major and minor, trapezius,
    scalenes and deltoids.
  • Body mechanics to protect your own body while giving the best treatment possible to your clients.
  • The causes and contraindications of shoulder girdle conditions.
  • The confidence and creativity to design unique treatments for all your clients.

Course dates


14 Jan - 15 Jan 2021
Oct 2019 – Oct 2021 in Brighton
£250 inc VAT

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