Hip & Pelvis Pain

Treating the hip is essential, as imbalances here can lead to distortions throughout the entire body. Also available as an online course.


  • A powerful protocol incorporating trigger point therapy, STR, stretching, ROM and other advanced techniques to identify and relieve the source of hip pain in 1-6 treatments.
  • To find, palpate and treat the relevant musculo-skeletal anatomy including: the 6 deep lateral rotators, the abductor and adductor group, iliopsoas.
  • The causes and contraindications of hip and pelvic pathologies
  • Body mechanics to protect your own body while giving the best treatment possible to your clients.
  • Safe and professional draping for treating this complex and sensitive area.
  • The confidence and creativity to design unique treatments for all of your clients.

Course dates


11 May - 12 May 2021
Oct 2019 – Oct 2021 in Brighton
£250 inc VAT

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