Myofascial Masterclass – Rib, Thorax and Abdomen Pain

Join us for a transformative myofascial masterclass with Rachel Fairweather, the esteemed Director of the Jing Institute and Jing Wizard Albert Dutoit. In this course, you’ll acquire the skills to alleviate rib, thorax, and abdomen pain, benefitting clients ranging from athletes to those with respiratory issues like asthma and Long Covid.

Enhance your skills, gain confidence and empower your clients, secure your spot today.

Course Details:

Length: 2 days
Price: £295 (Including VAT)

Course Content:

– A potent protocol combining osteopathic, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, remedial, and trigger point techniques for pain relief in 1-6 sessions.
– Identifying and treating musculo-skeletal and visceral anatomy, including intercostal muscles, pectoralis minor, lungs, diaphragm, and rectus abdominis.
– Body mechanics to safeguard your own well-being while delivering top-notch treatments.
– Understanding the causes and contraindications of thoracic pain pathologies and how to address them.
– Gaining the confidence and creativity to craft unique treatments for diverse clients.


“I loved this course! Rachel is a fabulous teacher, and the techniques are incredibly effective for issues like asthma, shortness of breath, and anxiety. My clients have benefited greatly. Highly recommended!” – Kim Walker-Hibbitt

Course dates

All dates are at Jing HQ, Brighton

Click here to book: 17-18 Sept 2024 £295 inc vat

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