Working with the Spine

Lose your fear of working with the spine in this fascinating workshop combining insights from bodywork, physiotherapy and yoga.


  • Detailed anatomy of the spine and relevant musculo-skeletal, ligamentous and fascial structures.
  • Body reading: how to visually assess spinal bends, excessive curvature and rotations.
  • Advanced soft tissue techniques to free spinal restrictions. Techniques include: direct and indirect myofascial release, trigger point, stretching and osteopathic skills adapted for the massage therapist.
  • Effective and safe movement exercises for your client.
  • The causes and contraindications of spinal pathologies including herniated disc, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal arthritis.

Course Dates

Unfortunately the dates for this class have come and gone, but we are working on next year's schedule - so email us and tell us you are interested, so you can be the first to know of the new dates. Can't wait to hear from you.

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