Pregnancy Massage

Feeling confident treating pregnant women is a rewarding way to expand your practice and provide significant pain relief at this important time. This course is also invaluable if you would like to treat anyone who cannot lie comfortably on their stomach. You do not need any specialised equipment for this work.


  • The anatomy of pregnancy.
  • A full body protocol in the side-lying position.
  • How to treat specific concerns during pregnancy such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, oedema, migraines, neck, shoulder and low back pain.
  • The physical and emotional transformation of women at different stages of pregnancy and post birth.
  • Safety guidelines regarding contraindications and/or risk factors associated with pregnancy.

Online Course

  • Video of protocol – watch Meghan Mari treating a pregnant Nina
  • Anatomy of pregnancy
  • The four trimesters
  • Possible pathologies and what to be aware of
  • Research papers on the efficacy of pregnancy massage

Course Dates


9 Oct - 12 Oct 2023
Jing Short CPD Course Schedule in Brighton
£550 inc VAT

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