Jing Massage Graduation 2016

Speeches Songs and Poems from Jing Graduation 2016

Jing: Teach the world – Susan Harrison

We’d like to teach the world massage
In perfect T’ai Chi stance
With Meg and Rachel looking round
And see how we’ve advanced

And when we started Totoing we really hadn’t a clue
About webinars and poetry
Or how to demo to you

The energy around the room,
The way we move around
The penguin dance or warm up class
Are part of our lesson plan

We’d like to teach the world massage
And perfect listening touch
So close your eyes and tune in deep
As you will feel so much

We’d like to teach the world massage
The HFMAST-y way
A hot stone here, some trigger points there
It will make your day

We’d like to teach the world massage
And get around your brain
With these techniques, you’ll know for sure
Your client’ll be out of pain

We love to teach you everyday
with open arms and hearts
read poetry
and meditate
Jing love always leaves it’s mark

We love to teach you all at Jing
It fills our hearts with joy,
You learn you grow
We love to show
The techniques you need to know

We love to teach each of you (changed from everyone, ok????)
It makes us want to sing
It’s a dream come true
Teaching all of you
At this wonderful school called Jing.

The JING. – Terry Dean

On England’s shore, in Brighton town
There’s a place they call the JING
Where those of us who wish to treat
Ourselves are want to bring
A temple place with goddesses
Of wisdom and of touch
Where novices can learn to drape
Discreetly round the crotch
There’s more to JING
Than towelling neat
Techniques from ancient past
And modern science in there too
Combined in HFMAST
When music pounds
We dance around
Then seriously to class
The muscle strip the gluteal grip
We don’t poke a clients ass
There’s ology’s and opathy’s
And states of joint and bone
But here’s the thing when you’re at JING
You never learn alone
Our days are long, the work intense
Ease up we sometimes beg
The TOTO’s laugh and raise a cry
To call in Rach and Meg
We’re bathed in love and confidence
Then chided not to rest
For this they say
Is the JING way
For us to be the best
So driven on we strive again
On each and every course
We learn the body better still
And a stance they call the horse
Each time we come out to the world
More skills within our hands
For trigger points
And fascia work
We don’t do much with glands
The seasons come the seasons go
Yet more our spirits sing
Our journey now is nearly done
And we’ve become the JING
This final day
Has come our way
Certificates we clutch
The goddesses have given us
The gift of healing touch.
Thank you JING.


WHATTA JING – Lisa de Liema

What a Jing, what a Jing, what a Jing ,

I want to take a minute or two, and give much respect due
To the Jing that made a difference in our world

It’s been a ride on a slide with extreme lows and highs

Cause we never grew from things that were easy aye

And we sweat it and I’m getting poetic magnetic

We all got involved and said ‘WE WILL BE YOUR CROWD’

We know nobody’s perfect

We give thumbs to all who deserve it

And believe me y’all Jings’ worth it

So here is to the future cause through the past

We finally found two women who can make us laugh


You’re so crazy, and now you both have a baby!
What a Jing, what a Jing, what a Jing ,

Rachel’s smooth like cornflower, roots from up north

She’s like little yoda but no lightsaber sword

She’s smart like a doctor with a real good rep

And when she comes home she’s relaxed o yep

She always got a gift for us every time we see her

It can be from the heart or the head no big deal

She’s a joker but is she funnier than Bett

They both give stuff    that we’ll never forget

Bettina keeps us on cloud nine, all the time

She’s not a fake wannabe trying to be sublime

She’s definitely the funniest German that we’ve met

She’s a god sent original,   that’s our Bett


Yes our women say they love us and we love m back

Trying to get us all   through the BTEC

With the other captain Meg, she’s on our asses innit

If we don’t get it she says ‘that’s not it’

But this lady, she got the potion

Baby get on board and get in motion

With her rituals she’s sent us to heaven

Bladder bladder bladder and we’re crying and laughing

And yes she makes   the Jing ship cruising

With her we know for sure that we will neeeever be losin

She always has got heavy conversation for the mind

Which means a lot to us cause they are hard to find


Our Jing is also Nina,      Nigel and Tash

Without them it would all turn into ash

They take their time and do everything right

So the others can sleep peacefully at night

Even when the captains think of fancy dress

They will always show up and bring us bless

Spend quality time with students when they can

All together they make an awesome clan

All lovers and fighters and nobody’s left out

Compassion, love and knowledge that’s what Jings about

Every time we needed them, they always got our back

Ever so respectful and we will never forget

I got a good Jing
What a Jing, what a Jing, what a Jing ,

Graduation Speech – ?

As a member of the Jing teaching team you have to be prepared for anything!!


You have to be prepared to stand in front of a room full of people………………. and give a speech at graduation…


As a member of the Jing teaching team you have to be prepared to

Teach anatomy through the medium of cheerleading;

Teach the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the medium of dance;

Teach myofascial release through the medium of a water balloon fight and occasionally even teach a course that you weren’t expecting to be teaching at all…..!


As a member of the Jing teaching team you have to be prepared for more practical activities like:

  • Setting up 15 tents in the rain;
  • Re-decorating the studio;
  • Running a half marathon;
  • Playing bouncer to a group of angry festival goers;
  • Climbing up a ladder at 3am to paint ‘love lives here’ above the door
  • And of course be prepared to drink Meghan’s famous Gin Fizz (it’s champagne with loads of gin in it…..just say no kids!)


As a member of the Jing teaching team you have to be prepared to start the long journey towards finding your truth; your soul; the essence of who you are and who you dream to be.


As a member of the Jing teaching team you have to be prepared to stand in front of a room full of people and express what it means to be a member of the Jing teaching team.


Being a teacher at Jing is about our dreams coming true.


I come all the way from Bristol and when I head back people always ask me ‘why I come so far to teach massage?’ ‘Surely there is a massage school in Bristol you can work at?!?’ And to that I reply ‘yeah probably, but it’s not Jing!’ And then you get into that tricky conversation where you try to explain why Jing is so different to all the other schools in the world…. And most of the time people just don’t get it.


They don’t get the draw, the connection, the need to come back for more.


This is half due to the amazing mentors that we have, who encourage and teach us not just how to impart our knowledge, but teach us about the world we live in and how to see it in all its glorious shining light.


The other half is due to all of you; our students, our inspiration.


You make us want to be better.

You make us want to make you laugh and enjoy the day so you leave feeling renewed and re-energised. Ready to treat people in pain with compassion, non-judgement and amazing new massage techniques.

You make us want to be able to answer all of your questions, to give you all the most current evidence based information there is, along with the latest app you should have. When we come together and sit in our opening circle ready for the day; as teachers we are all electric, excited and maybe a little bit nervous. Each day we teach, we learn, you may not know this but you teach us also and so the day comes full circle until we all become something bigger than ourselves.


They say:

A teacher takes a hand,

Opens a Mind

And touches a heart


I say:

That a student takes that hand,

And with an open mind

Touches 100 or more hearts

And each person whose heart has been touched, passes that love along like a ripple, and everyone knows that every tidal wave begins life as a tiny ripple.


To us as teachers and I’m sure this resonates with you – Jing is about being part of a family.


With Meghan and Rachel at the head of the table, their illegitimate love child Nina………….. the little boo, always by their side and Tash and Nigel in support – occasionally wondering to each other what alternative reality they’ve ended up in, but always deciding it’s nice, they like it, so they’ll stay!


The Jing family crosses generations; crosses continents; crosses industry boundaries; and ties everyone graduating here today, together with all those who have gone before, and all those who will come after.


Being a member of the Jing family you have to be prepared to be pushed to become the best that you can be.

You have to be prepared to discover yourself and are encouraged to go out into the world to enrich yours and others lives.


As a member of the Jing family you have to be prepared to learn with laughter, tears, poetry, meditation, passion, connection and love.


Because the house of Jing is indeed a house full of love……., laughter and music……..


And speaking of music in true Jing style we’d like to finish with a song.


So if we could have Lisa’s dad, Mister Philip De Liema, who’s making his debut international appearance tonight…….. to the stage….. big round of applause for Mister Philip De Liema


The song is called “I like to teach the world to massage”


Rachel, Meghan, Nina, Tash, Nigel and the rest of our amazing Jing family, our gift is our song and this one’s for you……..




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