Webinar Recording: ISTR Integrative Soft Tissue Release with Steven Goldstein

This dynamic webinar will introduce you to a variety of indirect soft-tissue approaches that constitute the hybrid modality known as ISTR Integrative Soft Tissue Release. Conveying the importance of ‘lighter touch’ as the vehicle and facilitator of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) response which is considered an initiator of soft-tissue change through mechanoreceptor manipulation. 

Now since that is a mouthful, simply stated, using lighter touch applied to muscles, tendons, myofascia, joint intra & extra-capsular and ligamentous structures to create efficient change with less effort and force. It works! 

In the context of this approach this webinar will introduce palpation & motion assessment in the form of ‘ease and bind’, with technique application preferred in ‘ease’. Discussion of how indirect technique should be utilised along with direct technique in every session, as well as active and passive approaches and assessment.

With the idea that the two broad approaches for tissue loading: compression and tension are compatible with the concepts of tensegrity as applied to the human structure. therefore choosing which is ‘ease’ and which is ‘bind’, leads to efficient assessment and applied technique.

Course: Fascial Manipulation for Nerves
Date: 15th-16th May 2018

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