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Loads of really exciting Jing TV episodes on the Jing Massage Vlog and articles and posts written by our very own Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari on the massage blog! We cover everything from Myofascial release to Price increase – so for great top tips and essential advice for all therapists, stay tuned!

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Sports and Event Massage - Jing TV

Sports and Event Massage

This week, the dynamic duo Meghan Mari – Director of Jing – and Anne-Marie Williams – Course & Event Manager – are talking about sports and event massage! They give their insights and expertise on how to massage at events and how to prepare for them. This week they will give you top tips on […]

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Creative Business Planning

Creative Business Planning

This week on Jing TV!, Rachel Fairweather (Director) and Nigel Jeffrey (Business Manager) talk about how can a massage therapist plan his business in more creative ways. They talk about the importance of business planning in any industry, but also specifically for massage therapy, and how can a vision transform itself into a plan! Do […]

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Massage Treatment after Surgery

In this episode of Jing TV! the dynamic duo Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather talk about massage treatment after surgery, specifically how soon after surgery can you treat people. They will give you top technique tips for treating patients with scar tissue, and some great rehab suggestions! Do you want to find out more about […]

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How to start a massage blog by Jing Massage

How to start a blog for Massage Therapists

This week the spirited duo – Rachel Fairweather – Jing Director – and Nina Frizoni – Director of Student Development – talk about how to start up a massage blog. They explain how can a blog help your business gain audience through the internet, giving their top tips on how to correctly use blogging. Do […]

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The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Bodyworkers by Rachel Fairweather

The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Bodyworkers by Rachel Fairweather for Massage World Magazine

Published in Massage World Magazine (with acknowledgements to Steven Covey for his inspirational book: The 7 habits of Highly successful people) What makes a really GREAT bodyworker? During my twenty five year love affair with bodywork I have practised, taught, studied and received massage in many diverse parts of the world including the UK, USA, […]

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Avoiding bodywork burnout by Rachel Fairweather

Avoiding bodywork burnout by Rachel Fairweather for Holistic Therapist Magazine

Published in Holistic Therapist Magazine Anyone who works intensively with their hands is prone to injuring their arms, wrists, thumbs and fingers and unfortunately massage therapists are no exception. The arms and hands are just not designed to withstand heavy work over extended periods of time leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other […]

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