Payment Plan – Musculoskeletal Anatomy 2021 (Online)

£78.00 / month for 10 month

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Certificate in Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy
March 2021 – February 2022

A unique advanced online qualification in musculoskeletal anatomy for massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement teachers.

Dividing the body into six main sections this course teaches you the intimate details of all the bony landmarks; muscles – their origin, insertion & actions; other structures – ligaments, bursa’s and veins (oh my!); as well as how to feel them. Plus, learn about planes of movement; stretching and strengthening exercises; common problems; anatomical directions and so much more.

This dynamic course gives massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement instructors the highest level of mastery in musculoskeletal anatomy. Through a greater understanding of anatomy, palpation skills and bodywork techniques will be enhanced. This course will catapult your anatomical knowledge to the top echelon, elevating your confidence and ability to talk to other medical professionals. We are delighted to offer this acclaimed Jing course in an online format.

To get a FREE taster of the course, please click here to see module one! ENJOY!


Learn at your own pace with over 18 hours of pre-recorded webinars led by Rachel Fairweather, internationally respected director of Jing and author of Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain.
Watch and replay the webinars in your own time, at your own pace on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Download the additional content PDFs.
Submit your questions for monthly live Q&As with Head Teacher Jemma Fordham and glamorous sidekick Nina Frizoni.
Consolidate your learning with online quizzes, worksheets and interactive homework.
Interact with fellow students online via our special Facebook group.

MODULES with Live zoom dates March 2021 – February 2022

Course introduction: 2 x 1-hour zooms + 1 x Live Q&A Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Shoulder: 2 x 1 hour zooms + 2 x Live Q&As Tuesday 13th April & Tuesday 4th May 2021
Forearm: 2 x 1 hour zooms + 1 x Live Q&A 8th June 2021
Spine: 2 x 1 hour zooms + 1 x Live Q&A 6th July 2021
Midterm revision: 1 x Live zoom Q&A Tuesday 3rd August 2021
Head, neck and face: 3 x 1 hour zooms + 2 x Live Q&As Tuesday 7th September & Tuesday 12th October 2021
Pelvis and thigh: 3 x 1-hour zooms + 1 x Live Q&A Tuesday 2nd November 2021
Leg, knee and foot: 2 x 1-hour zooms + 2 x Live Q&As Tuesday 7th December & Tuesday 11th January 2022
Final revision: 1 x Live zoom Q&A Tuesday 8th February 2022

MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN: x10 monthly payments of £78 = £780

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