Sylvie Potts

Location: Farnham
Phone: 07730300558

I am a Jing Method Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist.

I am qualified to treat musculoskeletal pain conditions, including low back pain, neck pain, migraines, whiplash and many more other ongoing injury or pain conditions.

You can of course also come if you do not have any issues but wish to have some "me" time.

I use a blend of Eastern and Western techniques including fascia work, trigger points, acupressure and stretching.

I use a warm, heart centered and intuitive approach that takes into account your physical and emotional needs and will always, part of the first treatment, include a full consultation enabling me to create a bespoke treatment for your personal needs.

I am already looking forward to meeting and treating you.

I’m also a gong therapist. I hold monthly gong bath events and give private sessions too.

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