Shannon Miles Massage Therapist

Shannon Miles

Location: Sherborne
Phone: 01935818270

Shannon Miles is a massage therapist with 20 years experience based in Sherborne, Dorset. She specialises in the JING method of Advanced Clinical Massage focusing on outcome based bespoke treatment plans for people experiencing soft tissue dysfunction and soft tissue pain.

Many of her clients are actively participating in sports such as cycling, running, swimming as well as competitive sports. She commonly treats people with lower back, neck and shoulder and leg pain due to over-use or from intense training.
She also works with seniors who are experiencing pain due to inactivity but who wish to become more active. Active seniors benefit from massage with gentle assisted stretching techniques as well as self care instruction to keep their bodies flexible and strong.

Shannon incorporates Conscious Touch skills with Body \Mind/ Fitness along with therapeutic stretching exercises into her practice to achieve client goals. She also volunteers her massage skills at the NHS Royal Free Hospital in London, working with cancer patients under the guidance of Kieth Hunt MBE.

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