Dionne Henry

Dionne Henry

Location: Merseyside
Phone: 07391103429
Email: henryd@aromapeace.co.uk

I’m a Jing Advanced Clinical Massage and Hot Stone Fusion therapist. I am a registered Clinical Aromatherapist and Essential Oil science practitioner having completed my training with the Neal’s Yard School of Remedies. I use advanced clinical massage creatively, combining and applying a range of techniques to achieve a specific outcome; increasing your range of motion / decreasing your level of pain / improving your ability to perform daily tasks. The treatments are a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies. I offer trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, stretching and self-care to tackle common complaints such as low back, hip and pelvis, neck, shoulder, leg, knee and foot pain. Repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfers elbow are successfully treated through manual therapy.

I work in partnership with my clients to develop a treatment plan that can secure effective results within a discussed timeframe. The Jing method enables me to offer options to individuals living with a chronic pain condition and self care advice on how to maintain the benefits of their treatment between sessions. Recognising  the needs of the whole person mentally, physically and spiritually adds to this process. My background in psychiatric social work enables me to work with an individual’s ‘story’ as it were – to come up with a plan that may be of benefit to them where I merely act in a facilitative role.

I also offer hot and cold stone massage using stone as a clinical tool. I have an understanding of when to use hot and cold which enables me to treat different pain conditions which serves to enhance treatment outcomes. Added to this I am able to creatively design a unique process which has a touch of  rejuvenating  / restorative luxury in my treatments for you.

In short, YOU (the client) are at the centre of all that I do. Let the healing begin!

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