Sarah Mear

Location: Tavistock
Phone: 07920095211
Email: sarah.mear444@gmail.com
Website: https://riversidemassagetavistock.co.uk/

Hi, I’m Sarah – welcome to Riverside Massage.

I am passionate about the power of massage and its ability to make a difference to your life, both physically and emotionally.

I love cycling, walking and generally any activity which involves being outdoors. I’ve also worked in jobs which have involved long periods of concentrated time at a desk so know from experience that whatever your lifestyle and interests, bodies get tight and painful!

I am a JING trained Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT). I am also qualified in Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stones Massage and am committed to ongoing learning in the field of Bodywork. Your treatment with me will generally include a combination of myofascial techniques, hot stones (optional), trigger point work, soft tissue release, and therapeutic stretching techniques – all incorporated within a deep tissue massage that is both clinically effective and truly relaxing.

When we start working together, we will talk about your reason for seeking treatment, thoroughly explore any pain you are in and most importantly, what you hope to achieve from our sessions. Your treatment will be based on what you have told me. I will also give you self-care exercises to help keep the areas treated in the best condition between sessions.

Whether you are seeking relief from specific chronic pain, maintaining overall musculoskeletal wellbeing or treating yourself to a one-off relaxation massage, I want you to feel that the treatment room is a safe space where you will be listened to and treated respectfully.
I look forward to meeting you and treating you!

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