Rosemary Tarrant Massage Therapist

Rosemary Tarrant

Location: Selkirk
Phone: 01750 778 704

As a professional bodywork practitioner since 2001, I work with people on different levels and am guided by what they want. Offering a range of therapies such as Clinical Massage, Hot Stone Fusion, Advanced Myofascial Techniques, herbal remedies from New Zealand called Homeobotanicals and I am also a Diplomate in Systematic Kinesiology. I love working with people who are willing to step on the road to better health and who want to be able to help themselves as well as me guiding them on their journey. Self work is an important support that you can do at home, be it lifestyle changes, stretches to aid in range or movement or just the job of drinking more water which can in itself achieve great things. Get in touch for a chat, I’d love to hear from you.

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