Rachel Webb

Location: Hassocks
Phone: +447791392387
Email: rachel_webb@hotmail.co.uk

Having completed my professional diploma in Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage with The Jing Institute of Massage & Complementary Medicine in September 2023, I am excited to offer treatments to anyone experiencing chronic musculo-skeletal pain and / or restricted movement that is affecting daily activities and quality of life.

Using "The Jing Method" along with the biopsychosocial model of pain, I combine my detailed anatomy knowledge, a listening touch and a warm and heart-centred approach to provide specific yet holistic treatments, considering both your physical and emotional needs.

Following a detailed consultation and range of movement assessment, I use a variety of safe and effective soft tissue techniques such as heat (using hot stones – optional), myofascial work, trigger point therapy, acupressure and stretching.

Treatment doesn’t end when you step away from the massage table either, as I will always offer tailored self-care techniques for you to use at home to enhance your recovery. I am totally committed to working alongside you to achieve your desired outcomes.

To know more about "The Jing Method", it’s philosophy and how it can best support you, please go to https://www.jingmassage.com/therapists/the-jing-method/

I am particularly interested in:
o Head, neck and jaw conditions: headaches; migraine; clicking/popping in the ears, teeth grinding, tinnitus and many more. To support this work, I have completed specialist training in the treatment of the temperomandibular joint (TMJ), which is very often associated with these conditions.

I also enjoy helping clients that are experiencing:
o Back Pain: herniated disc, sciatica, postural deviations
o Neck & Shoulder Pain: stiff or painful neck; whiplash; headaches
o Shoulder Girdle Pain: rotator cuff injury; frozen shoulder
o Forearm, Wrist & Hand Pain: RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer elbow; rheumatoid arthritis
o Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: shin splints; plantar fasciitis; IT Band friction syndrome; Osgood Schlatter; osteoarthritis
o Hip & Pelvis Pain: SI joint dysfunction; trochanteric bursitis
o Injuries: Sprains and strains
o Sports Events: pre & post event
+ many other ongoing injury or pain conditions
o Clients experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression
o Children experiencing stress during times of challenge / change i.e. exams, heading off to university.
o Clients who simply wish to take time out to enjoy a relaxing holistic, deep tissue massage or a blissful full body hot stone treatment

I love to learn and continue to develop my knowledge and skills. I regularly attend training courses that enable me to reach more people in pain and those with more systemic & complex conditions.

Coming up:
April 2024: Myofascial Release for treating Caesarean and Mastectomy Scars
September 2024: Myofascial Masterclass for Rib, Thorax and Abdomen Pain (for the treatment of conditions such as Asthma & Long Covid)

I offer blocks of 6 treatments to best address and have success with chronic conditions that have persisted for anything between 6 months and 20 years. Blocks come with a 10% discounted rate on my individual session prices and include an initial 30-minute detailed consultation and range of movement assessment, which will help us establish some benchmarks as well as the desired outcomes for your treatment.

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