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Hello, I'm Lizy & I care a lot about the wellbeing of others. I’d like to share my journey of how massage has helped me, & why YOUnique Massage in Hove, was born to help you. I sustained head & back injuries & broke my pubis bone, in a severe car accident in Australia many years ago & thought I would not walk again! I have healed & guided my body, through regular massage treatments, which helped keep my body flexible, aligned & mobile. I have felt the benefits of massage so profusely, that I wanted to be able to share the incredible rewards that this treatment can bring to your life, whatever pain, injury or pathology you have or just time for you to restore balance and equilibrium to your body, mind & soul.

I qualified with Jing Institute of Massage & Complementary Medicine & completed, with excellence, a diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage & Bodywork with my speciality in TMJ & Hip & Pelvic injury. I am particularly interested in TMJ as it is less widely known yet 1 in 4 people suffer with issues concerning jaw dysfunction, where emotions are stored and anxiety is held.

Working holistically, I use a fusion of techniques including myofascial work. I take a full assessment prior to your first treatment, bringing all I have learnt from many areas of my own life experience, & using the biopsychosocial model, where I take into account all aspects of contributing factors which can lead to stress, misalignment, acute and chronic pain and I will work with you to establish a plan for future treatment sessions that will involve stretches and self care techniques as an integral part of the treatment for recovery.

I can treat chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions that have persisted for up to 20 years in up to 6 treatment sessions, such as & not limited to:-

Headaches & Migraine
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Leg, Knee & Foot pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Arms, Wrists & Hands
Carpal Tunnel / RSI
Sprains & Strains
Sports Injury
Fatigue, low mood, disturbed sleep

£60 – 60 mins
£85 – 90 mins
£60 – 60 mins Natural organic facial to include 30 mins of neck, back, shoulders.
I offer treatment blocks of 6 @ 60 min treatments £330
I offer Wellbeing blocks of 3 @ 60 min treatments £160

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