Lucia Lloyd-Clokie

Location: Ledbury
Phone: 07506906614

Lucia is a JING Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, in her final year of the BTEC Level 6 (the highest international degree level qualification for massage therapy)

Lucia has been practicing since 2003 working alongside senior physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors both in the UK and abroad.

She is qualified in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage, Advanced Myofascial Release, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Pregnancy, and Scar Tissue, from the well-respected Jing Institute for Advanced Clinical Massage, HQ in Brighton.

Lucia has many years’ experience with a range of musculoskeletal conditions and has a special interest in helping improve chronic pain and auto immune symptoms.

Her international clients have ranged from the Norwegians spending their winter months on the Costa Blanca, to members of the Bahrain Show Jumping Team, ex-pats, Triathletes and Rugby teams in Bahrain.

Awareness: Having done Yoga, horse riding and Pilates for many years Lucia understood the importance of posture and the impact this can have on the body. The 1st stage of healing is awareness. Awareness is revolutionary and movement heals.

Lucia is a Clinical Pilates Instructor and has been teaching Pilates since 2017 years, helping clients increase their body awareness and tone; build confidence, flexibility, and balance; improve core strength and ability to focus. Helping clients with postural pain symptoms, hypermobility, and low self-esteem. She currently teaches online from her clinic, and at Canon Frome Court, HR8

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