Claire Desroches

Location: L-1338 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 691 264 291

I am a Jing-qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, with a background in sports massage, as well as a strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer. I specialise in helping you move more efficiently and pain-free, whether that means focussing on hands-on soft tissue treatment, prioritising movement coaching, guiding you online through self-care techniques (including stretching, strengthening, and self-massage), or a combination of all the above!

All my services require that we – you, the client, and I, the coach and therapist – work as a team. I assess from the outside, I advise and guide; you tell me how things feel, you give feedback; we adjust and refine.

I blend techniques and approaches from a variety of disciplines; from the most traditional lifting and sport massage techniques to evidence-based holistic approaches to pain management, via free-flowing movements and cues inspired by dance and yoga.

It’s equal parts science, art, and hard work – and, often, a pinch of luck.

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