Top 5 Reasons to Change Careers during the Covid Pandemic

Two years into the pandemic and we are all still reeling. Since that fateful day in March 2020 when the first UK lockdown was announced,
our lives were thrown upside down overnight. All the things we took for granted – hugs, going into work, seeing our colleagues, chatting to a neighbour, going to a party…..all gone, eroded, changed.

It is not surprising that this overnight shift has intensified the questions that nag us late at night

How can I change my career?
How can I follow my dream?
How can I work flexibly, ethically and make a living?

The whispers late at night have translated into daytime resolutions –
a recent survey of 40000 workers by Aviva found that a staggering three in five UK workers intend to make changes to their careers as a result of the pandemic.
Is that you? Are you one of those three in five? Do you yearn to live your best life and get out of the 9 to 5, quit the rat race – forever?

If so, then having a career as a massage therapist is an amazing choice.
You can work your own hours.
Make great money and live a life you feel proud of.
More than that you can really help people in both psychological and physical pain.

Massage is not just “fluff and buff” but is being recognised more and more as a truly viable option for alleviating chronic pain such as back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and sporting injuries. Since the pandemic, professional massage therapists have reported that their practices are flourishing with clients yearning for meaningful connected touch to help with their anxiety, stress, and depression.



Massage is about helping people and supporting them in their time of need. It is about facilitating people to achieve their goals. Massage therapy helps people feel connected to themselves and to the outside world.



Massage therapists love what they do. We are entrepreneurs and can branch out in so many directions. You can work from home or work in a collective of like-minded health professionals. You may work 5 hours a week or 30 hours a week. The average professional rate runs between £50-£90 per hour. It’s a good life and one we feel honoured to have had for the past 30 years.


Jing is getting calls everyday from people from all walks of life wanting to know if it possible to change careers or have ‘side hustle”. I am a true believer that anything and everything is possible if you really want it. A career as a massage therapist is so flexible that you can work it alongside another job, but I am not sure that massage can ever be a ‘side hustle”. Why? Because it is so rewarding, that it will quickly not only become your career but your life’s work.


We always say that the massage therapists guilty secret is that giving massage makes us feel great! A day in the life of a massage therapist might be treating a hamstring strain of a weekend warrior, touching with compassion a new parent who needs some time to find themselves again, and supporting an aging yoga practitioner who needs to regain their balance. The type of person who walks into your treatment room is unpredictable and always exciting. People come to tell their stories and need support. You will feel needed, connected, energised, mindful and in the moment. There is truly no other life like it.

Massage has been our passion for the last 3 decades and we have been privileged to help thousands of other practitioners achieve their dream life. We would love to help you achieve your dreams too.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our fun and affordable intro nights to see for yourself why we feel so passionate about massage. Or jump straight in and sign up for our 7 day hands on intensive the acclaimed Bodywork Beginnings which will give you all the skills to start this amazing career.

Questions? Give us an old fashioned phone call on 01273 628942 or drop us an email – we LOVE to chat.

Make 2022 the year that you love what you do and do what you love.

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