Carmen Makepeace

Location: Didcot
Phone: 07505265530
Email: carmen@makepeaceandmassage.com
Website: https://www.makepeaceandmassage.com

Massage Qualifications:
Bodywork beginnings (The Jing Method)
Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (The Jing Method)
Advanced Myofascial Release
Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage
Hot Stones Fusion Massage (The Jing Method)
BTEC level 6 – in progress completion date March 2023.

I am also a level 2 Olympic Lifting coach and have a keen interest in sports and rehab.

A little about me:

I have a keen interest in helping clients out of chronic pain via a combination of massage and exercise. I am a strong believer and have significant experience utilising massage to help clients reduce their pain experience and access lower levels of their nervous system -bringing them out of a flight and fright state – into a more balanced parasympathetic state that optimises their own body's natural healing pathways. At Jing we learn all the technical advanced soft tissue skills combined with all the care and understanding of massage. This approach combines manual therapies with intent and empathy – in my opinion providing the best of both worlds.

Alongside massage I am a keen believer in accessing movement and exercise. I help client's alleviate their pain via massage and access new ranges of motion and movement. Alongside exercise we then build together a daily or weekly practice to help that person keep their new found ease and train their body to maintain their movement and resilience.

I see myself very much as a facilitator and listener. When you walk into our Clinic we always undertake a thorough consultation and take that extra bit of time in the first instance to really find out what is going on for you. We then work with that individual initially, for 1-6 weekly sessions, to give their issues a great start towards unwinding and get them back on the road to recovery.

My history:
I started massage during a period of change and a sabbatical. I had just finished a PhD in Nuclear Fusion at the University of Oxford. I was burnt out. In fact I didn't even realise to what extent that was true until I stopped. At the same time my Mum was in chronic pain and we were discussing it on the sofa whilst watching a movie. I've always massaged her hands to help her relax, and as we were looking up qualifications like -physio, chiropractor, osteopathy, I send "well, I've always enjoyed massage, why not learn about anatomy and physiology and massage once and for all". That really started this wild journey of trying to understand the body and understand initially what I could do to help my Mum. After that I was hooked. I loved treating and facilitating relaxation and pain relief in others. I truly think it is one of the best jobs I could choose. As time has gone on I've delved deeper and deeper into knowledge of the body, the nervous system and how pain occurs; but nothing ever takes away from helping someone to unwind through gentle nurturing soft tissue treatments. I particularly love fascial work and utilise it daily with clients in chronic pain.

In the future I am looking to develop my skills in rehab and movement even more and open a movement studio to invite different practitioners to come and teach classes: tai chi, yoga, strength… and build a community with a passion for movement most of all. I truly believe in moving for the sheer joy of it – I think this leeks into all places in our lives and enriches our relationships, families and experiences.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch today – I treat everything from carpal tunnel, head injuries, hip and knee replacements, long covid, foot and ankle issues and those recovering post spinal surgeries. No issue is too small, my greatest joy is helping you return to the hobbies you love to enjoy life to the fullest.

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