Forearm, Wrist and Hand Pain

Using these simple techniques, you can help prevent painful surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and decrease recovery time for post-operative patients. Also available as an online course.


  • A powerful protocol incorporating trigger point therapy, STR, stretching, ROM and other advanced techniques to identify and relieve the source of pain in 1-6 regular clinical sessions.
  • To find, palpate and treat the relevant musculo-skeletal anatomy including: scalenes, brachioradialis, supinator, pronators, wrist flexors, extensors and the flexor retinaculum.
  • Body mechanics to protect your own body while giving the best treatment possible to your clients.
  • The causes and contraindications of wrist and elbow RSIs.
  • The confidence and creativity to design unique treatments for all your clients.

This treatment can be given in any setting, including offices. We recommend taking this in conjunction with our on-site massage course.

Course Dates

Unfortunately the dates for this class have come and gone, but we are working on next year's schedule - so email us and tell us you are interested, so you can be the first to know of the new dates. Can't wait to hear from you.


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