• Introduction

    Welcome to the world of JING TV! In this introduction video you will meet the dynamic duo: Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, the directors of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training. They will give you an introduction to Jing and let you know all the exciting massage secrets they will be sharing with you on this page!

  • Stance Mechanics

    Here we reveal the four most effective and powerful stances that should be used by all massage therapists. Based around Tai Chi principles, these bodywork positions will keep you grounded and balanced when working with both deep tissue techniques, as well as myofascial release work. To download this clip for free, just add it to your cart now!

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Welcome to the Jing video store! Here you can download each of the sections of our advanced massage training DVD. These dynamic video downloads are devised to teach you effective, proved advanced clinical massage techniques that you can incorporate into your bodywork practice. Covering techniques such as: Body Mechanics, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Sports Stretching, Amma Fusion and much much more…

If you don’t already have video playback software, we suggest using VLC. These are large files, and may take a while to download.

To get the full Jing experience, and gain all the top advanced massage training tips on offer, from the highest accredited massage school in the UK, download all five episodes for the bargain price of £40 inc VAT. Buy all episodes

Alternatively, if you just want a quick fix, you can download individual episodes below …


Power Effleurage

Using your weight and not your strength, we introduce you to effective and powerful effleurage and deep tissue techniques. Not only do they feel amazing as a client, but are also grounded body mechanics for the therapist, preserving your own wrists and back. £5 inc VAT

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Sports Stretching

Here we introduce you to different advanced sports stretching techniques, and tell you how and why you should use these on specific pathologies and muscles. Using breath and client communication we will help you to increase the effectiveness of your treatments. £10 inc VAT

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Trigger Point Therapy

Based on the work of Janet Travell, we introduce you to the safe and effective use of trigger point therapy, and the wonderful world of referred pain patterns! Using in-depth musculo-skeletal anatomy, we will take you a new level of treatments, by helping decrease pain and increase range of motion in your clients! £10 inc […]

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Myofascial Release

Are you fascinated by Fascia? Marvelled by myofascial release? Or just plain stunned by Structural Integration? Well so are we! Download this clip to find out some top tips and hints in this powerful bodywork technique. £10 inc VAT

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Amma Fusion

Here we will teach an exciting blend of Eastern massage techniques, drawing from disciplines such as acupressure, table shiatsu and tuina. Why not add some Eastern flare to your treatments? £10 inc VAT

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