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Webinar: I see you baby….shaking that….!

Jing Director Rachel Fairweather hosts this free webinar on the lower body – specifically looking at top techniques to help reduce pain and increase range of motion. Helping your clients to stretch out and shake that gluteus maximus, and dance the night away. Highlighting material covered in the below advanced clinical massage courses: Hip and […]

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Advanced Myofascial Webinar

Webinar: Learn about the power of fascial unwinding; stretching and positional release

By popular demand Jing Founder and Director Rachel Fairweather has created the Advanced Fascial Masterclass Combined course, a unique three- day immersion in which you will explore advanced myofascial techniques. So relax and allow Rachel tell you more about this exclusive learning opportunity. Advanced Fascial Masterclass: 20th – 22nd June 2017 To book this amazing […]

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Working with the spine webinar

Webinar Recording: Working with the Spine

In this dynamic lunchbox Webinar we will teach you a sample from our cutting edge 2 day course Working with the Spine! Lose your fear of working with the spine in this fascinating workshop combining insights from bodywork, physiotherapy and yoga. LEARN • Detailed anatomy of the spine and relevant musculo-skeletal, ligamentous and fascial structures. […]

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Hip and Pelvis techniques for Post Natal Clients

Webinar Recording: Hip and Pelvis techniques for Post Natal Clients

Because of the postural changes associated with pregnancy, some muscles become tight to support the changing posture, while others are stretched and become weak. This results in muscle imbalance and a potential for decreased stabilisation. In this dynamic webinar Jing Director Rachel Fairweather will explore soft tissue techniques, stretches and strengthen exercises that your postnatal […]

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Jing Lunch box webinar

Webinar: Rotator Cuff, RSI and Rotten Neck’s!

In this bitesized lunchbox webinar Rachel Fairweather, Jing Director, will lead you through pathologies, musculo-skeletal anatomy, and treatment protocols for the Neck, Shoulder and Arm. A tasty treat while you eat your sandwiches! Together we will explore complex pathologies such as adhesive capsulitis, whiplash, and many more! Check out the great advanced clinical massage courses […]

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