British Fascia Symposium

Webinar Recording: Meridians and Myofascia: A fascial approach to Eastern acupressure for the British Fascia Symposium

This webinar (a taster for the British Fascial Symposium workshop!) examines how Eastern bodywork systems based on acupuncture points and meridians have a scientific anatomical basis in the fascial system.

You will get an overview of:

An overview of meridian systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai massage and their anatomical relevance to intermuscular fascial planes
Hands on techniques derived from Traditional Chinese medicine that aim to release fascial restrictions
Powerful acupressure points for the treatment of common chronic musculoskeletal disorders including low back pain and neck and shoulder pain.
How to sense blockages in ‘qi’ and the relationship to areas of altered fascial composition
Relevant scientific research showing the parallels between Eastern theory and Western knowledge of fascia
A hands-on model for integrating both Eastern and Western thinking into bodywork clinical practice will be demonstrated and you will leave the workshop with a range of dynamic new techniques that you can incorporate into your clinical practice.

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