Anatomy and Pathology Courses

As we know as serious bodyworkers, anatomy is astounding, astonishing and in the truest form of the word awesome. That awe can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and that studying anatomy is a hard thankless task involving memorising a never ending list of muscles quickly to be forgotten and never quite learned. Well at Jing, we are connected to the awesomeness of anatomy in a different way. We have a real passion for it. We love teaching it in a way that gets it out of the books and into your hands.
Jing courses are all about palpation and connecting with muscles in motion.

Knowing your anatomy can elevate your practice to a completely differently level. It informs your assessments, aids truly understanding the functionality of the body and will help you work alongside Osteopaths, Physios and GPs in a more professional manner.

The Jing Institute offers a range of anatomy courses from 1 day to our comprehensive Certificate in Advanced Musculo- Skeletal Anatomy. We look forward to learning with you.


Anatomy of Injury

Gain the confidence to work and communicate effectively with physiotherapists, osteopaths and the health profession. This course explores the scientific underpinning of injury and pain including how and why trigger points form, the psychological and physiological mechanisms of soft tissue pain, how and why muscles work and the anatomy of fascia. Course dates

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