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And here is what our students have to say about the BTEC 6 qualification…

JING School of Advanced Massage is a massage and manual therapy training school in Brighton, dedicated to teaching students and practitioners of the manual arts to the highest level of standards in the UK.

I’m not often continually glowing about the level of teaching standards within the manual therapy sector, as there is often such a range of teaching skill and knowledge.

JING, however, are truly different.

The philosophy of the co-directors, Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, is to fuse current Western manual therapy techniques (often outcome and evidence based therapies) with the Eastern application of bodywork practices (often directed at balancing the body as an holistic entity with energy work and intuition). Combining these two elements is not an easy task yet the execution of the seamless interweaving of science and spirit comes naturally to every teacher and tutor at JING.

JING offers modular courses, starting from an evening introduction to massage (ideally to whet one’s appetite to learn more), through to a more advanced bodyworks beginners course (suited for those who have never practiced massage and intend on doing so after course completion). The next level up is JING’s Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) certificate, suited to those practitioners well versed in massage and manual therapy who wish to take their knowledge to the next degree of certainty. JING also offer a 3-year degree-level BTEC6 in Clinical Remedial and Sports Therapy, really suited to those who wish to be the very best in their chosen specialism. Other additional modules are available, including Thai Table Massage, Pregnancy Massage, a Four-Day Hot Stone fusion course, Myofascial Intensive Courses and Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy Certificate.

I have never felt that the course content was too difficult (sometimes challenging) and have always been able to put into practice what I’ve learned immediately. JING’s teaching style is great too, they never leave people behind and are always willing to answer questions, no matter how silly they may appear. Practical application of the Western/Eastern theory is imperative at JING, and there is plenty of time to get some hands of practice and also receive work yourself. JING employs a brilliant Teacher Training Course (called TOTO – Teaching One To One), so on most courses, there is one teacher to every 3-4 students; this really makes a huge difference in receiving quality direction from learned hands.

JING makes studying new techniques and learning advanced anatomy and physiology fun and interesting, and breaks up the learning days with Thai Chi, meditation, breathing exercises, dancing and other movement expressive form – this really helps to energise the class after lunch/coffee breaks. The pace at JING is also well-thought out and the tutors are all well versed in teaching techniques that get the best out of everyone. Clever use of repeated mantra-like sayings during the day (not so repeated that they become sickening) help to focus the mind and bring the energy back to balance. Re-learning how to use one’s intuition and insight in providing specific clinical treatments is a real art form, one which JING imparts with exceptional quality.

All the tutors and teaching (as well as the amazing administrative) staff at JING work really hard to avoid stepping into their own egos when teaching (often very hard to avoid, especially when imparting technical information); so reconnecting with balance work throughout the day is critical for reflective practice. JING encourages everyone to flow through the day of learning like the wind through a bending bullrush. Unlike other training establishments I have attended, I’ve never felt rushed or overloaded with information and always felt energised at the end of each day.

I can say that, without hesitation, JING has made me a far better therapist than I have ever been at any time in the past: mainly owing to the subtle elements the staff impart: the tutors really believe that everyone on their courses has limitless potential. JING makes everyone feel welcome and part of the family, and understands that to engage in true healing, one must make connections with the body, mind and spirit – meeting others wherever they are on their journey.

My only regret was not learning with JING sooner.

Matt Heap: BTEC Level 6 Graduate

Well thank you Meghan and Rachel – BTEC 6! That is very good news! And while it is nice to have arrived and graduated, I have to say that it was the journey that was such fun, and so very enjoyable. I am so glad that you coerced me into joining the class, Meghan, even though I was far too busy! (When will I not be?) I have learned so much to help me in my business that I have completely transformed it this year, to make each day much more challenging and therefore rewarding, as I have increased the range of pathologies I feel confident in treating, and everyone leaves satisfied that they have had a very worthwhile session. Nice to justify the expense to the accountant too.

Thank you so much for your inspirational teaching, and encouragement throughout. When I attend physio and osteopath conferences and surrounding subjects, I am always aware how comprehensively and well we have been taught, since I can keep up with the trainings with no effort, and often I am much better informed than the other “ pro” students. Very reassuring!

You richly deserve all the accolades coming your way. But do not worry – you have not got rid of me yet! I shall be next year to help you as a supporter, and to do the other courses I have yet to enjoy.

Shiney Jane: BTEC Level 6 Graduate

It has taken a long time for this to sink in, I am lost for words.
I have had tears I have had a pounding in my heart, I have had the shakes, really I am shocked.
WOW, who would believe I could have done it, the little lady that turned up a day early for the wrong course! A long way I have come with two amazing teachers that believed in me especially when it got real tough. So I say” don’t stop believing in yourself”. Well I obviously didn’t!
Thank you thank you, you are the best, I love you both.

Sue Gipson: BTEC Level 6 Graduate

The BTEC has been another steep learning curve, but an amazing experience. Both revisiting some of the material from the Certificate, whilst moving miles ahead with learning in far more depth about the way the body works, pathologies, running a successful practice and loads more incredible tools and techniques to go and use with clients. Since being with Jing my client base and client retention rate has continued to amaze me. 

It is fantastic to see how when we are in the middle of such tricky economic times, my business has done nothing but grow. The last six months have been my most successful ever. I attribute this to my devotion to bodywork, the nurture and positive encouragement of Meghan and Rachel, and the groundbreaking training programs they have developed. 

I am so pleased that I have continued – academically. To be writing a dissertation and assignments means that I am functioning on a completely different level. This gives me great satisfaction and a real sense of being at the top of my field of work, which seems to become more and more evident to everyone around me as well. Thank you

Victoria Salamon: BTEC Level 6 Graduate

Also, a wee thank you is appropriate here I think. You guys know I think the world of you both, but between you guys and Simonetta, you have given me such belief and happiness of what we can do to help people. Even though my 1st degree is Business Studies and I have been a Director of 2 huge recycling firms, what I do now makes me so happy and my practise (if thats the right word) has been such a success that the place I have my room in, is in discussions with me to open a franchise in the other sites. I currently have over 600 clients on my “book” and things are thriving. I feel that success comes from you guys and the encouragement and guidance that has come from doing your courses. Very inspired and focused courses. Thats the difference. Not that I want to sound like a bloody sook or anything, but I really am truly grateful to you guys for the change in my life and how special I feel for being able to help other people, it’s like an honor.

Teresa Tait: BTEC Level 6 Graduate

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