Rib, Thorax and Abdomen Pain


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You can help increase breathing capacity for athletes, people with asthma and recovering cancer patients. Your clients will love you for this work!


  • A powerful protocol adapted from osteopathic technique, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, remedial and trigger point work to identify and relieve the source of pain in 1-6 treatments.
  • To find, palpate and treat the relevant musculo-skeletal and visceral anatomy including: the intercostal muscles, pectoralis minor, lungs, diaphragm, rectus abdominis.
  • Body mechanics to protect your own body while giving the best treatment possible to your clients.
  • The causes and contraindications of thoracic pain pathologies, how and why you can treat them.
  • The confidence and creativity to design unique treatments for all your clients.

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