Amma Fusion: Meridian and Accupressure Massage


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Dates shown are for the first module. Module 2 runs from 7-8 June 2014.

Amma fusion massage uses an exciting blend of Eastern massage techniques, drawing from disciplines such as acupressure, table shiatsu and tuina.


  • Eastern principles and techniques of working energy – a fantastic complement to the serious massage therapist’s remedial tool kit.
  • Concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and movement of qi (energy). Utilise the model of meridians or pathways of energy. Amma is similar to acupuncture but uses the firm gentle pressure of hands and can be used to treat conditions such as: migraines, colds, sleep disturbance, neck and back pain, sinus problems, digestive complaints, chronic fatigue, systemic conditions.
  • Techniques that can effectively be used over clothes in a variety of settings, including on your massage table.

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