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Treating the Long Covid Client: Considerations, Modifications and Suggestions for Massage Therapists

All massage therapists should be looking to learn more about the effects and potential treatment of Long Covid as more of our clients present with that diagnosis or symptoms. Wonderful Jing teacher Susan Harrison has been researching the topic for a long time now and has written articles and presented at conferences to try and increase the knowledge around Long Covid and we’re thrilled to be able to share this online course with you all.

The aim is to help therapists make informed decisions on what techniques are appropriate and safe to do for the client in front of you. To be informed you need to have an understanding of what it is you are treating and when you might need to refer to other.

There is no agreed medical diagnosis for screening for Long Covid nor is there a clear, clinically proven treatment strategy. As of May 2022, the latest ONS data for Long Covid states that 1.8 million people have a Long Covid self-diagnosis with over 1.3 million people still experiencing them 12 weeks after initial infection.

So, where does that leave us as massage therapists in treating a non-specific condition where many people are making their own diagnosis about symptoms?

We already have a wealth of experience in treating conditions where often a diagnosis is by exclusion of other conditions: ME/CFS, non-specific low back pain and stress to name a few. However, the concern with Long Covid is the vast array of symptoms and understanding when to refer and what we can treat.

This course is designed specifically to help provide massage therapists with in-depth information so that you can understand any cautions and make informed decisions in preparing your treatment plans with clients.

The course will discuss:

· The common symptoms of Long Covid

· The biopsychosocial effects of illness

· The consultation process

· Considerations and modifications for treatment

· Ideas for self-care

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This course was run as weekly Zoom sessions but you can buy all the recordings and watch at your own speed!

the Live Virtual Classrooms were around one and a half hours long and cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: Overview of Long Covid and the biopsychosocial approach
Lesson 2: Insights into common symptoms
Lesson 3: The consultation process
Lesson 4: Treatment strategies
Lesson 5: Ideas for self-care